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Developing your own subscription website is a complicated and a tough task. A task that becomes even tougher, if you have no first-hand experience, on a subscription website.

Before you go on to develop your own subscription website it is very important to gain first–hand knowledge by becoming a member on one such subscription website. Simply having knowledge about the working of a subscription website through research is not good enough. Nothing can beat the personal first-hand experience that you will gain by becoming a member of one such subscription website. It is only when you become a member and use their services yourself will you get an insight into the workings of a subscription website.

The selection of a subscription website should also be carefully undertaken. For selecting the subscription website, you can avail the services of any good search engine. Also, check out articles on the web about good subscription services available. It would be ideal to select a website, which uses the same kind of functioning, which you would want on your website. This will give you an opportunity to analyse both the pros and cons of the system. You can even enrol into multiple subscription services simultaneously.

As a subscriber, you will have a clear idea of the utility of the various services offered by the site. Being a subscriber yourself, you will better understand the viewpoint of the subscriber. You can evaluate what they are looking for and what attracts them to a particular site. Besides this, it also warns you of the various pit falls that may come in your way.

You need to make an effort to check out the most successful subscription services and the most un-successful subscription services. This will enable you to pin point the mistakes that have caused failure and avoid repeating them while running your subscription website business. Similarly, you can also take note of the factors that have contributed to the success and try to adopt them.

Go by your own experiences and by the experiences of others. You can always seek advice from others and learn from their experiences. But be careful to take advice only from those who have first hand experience in the field. Learn from their experiences and evaluate the pros and cons of every experience that they have had.

The various features of a subscription website that you need to evaluate are:

  • Look for reasons for the success of a particular subscription website such as placement vis-à-vis the search engines, use of Meta tags and Keywords etc.

  • Evaluate the best and the worst features of the website. What are the strong points and what are its weak ones.

  • Evaluate interface design, colour scheme, fonts and graphics and how these features are used to get the visitors interested in the site.

  • How does the site encourage visitors to turn into subscribers?

  • What facilities does the site provide to the subscribers? Look for any free goodies or reward scheme that it may be providing to attract subscribers.

  • Evaluate the pros and cons of the subscription process. Check out its efficiency and speed.

  • What is the payment pattern that it uses? Does it offer credit card validation etc.

  • What are the experiences of the first timers? Whether the experience has been enjoyable or not?

  • What does the site do to make new subscribers feel welcome, such as a welcome mail, gifts etc.

  • Evaluate and analyze the factors that make people come back to the site time and again.

  • Evaluate the weak links of the site such as facilities or services like order-form etc that don’t work.

    If you keep these things in your mind while going through the subscription websites then by the end of it you would have gathered enough knowledge to undertake the development of your own subscription website. All these points and tips would enable you to judge what facilities are important and useful to the subscriber and which ones are frivolous. You would also have a clear picture of what all you want to offer on your website. Armed with this knowledge you are ready to tackle your own subscription website.

    This article was written by Craig Dawber of Need advice and guidance with your online business check out the resources found in this website.

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