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Whether you are setting up a turnkey website, selling at online auctions or through a local established business, it helps to know which items are hot sellers. Statistically, some products are just more popular among consumers. Among them:

Watches are terrific reseller items because they are popular gifts, as well as items that consumers will buy for themselves. Watches are timeless. They are classic and they are always the perfect gift. Everyone needs to know the correct time and can generally always use a new watch. Their meaning can be simple or very elegant depending on the relationship of the person to whom your customer is giving the gift. Pitch the idea like this. If you know someone who is always running late, include a fun card reading “It’s about time you wear a watch. " If you’re giving the watch to a spouse, a card reading “Time flies when I’m with you" or “Our love is timeless" will do the trick. Of course, the meaning doesn’t always have to be so serious. Perhaps the gift of a watch is just that - a nice, thoughtful gift. And, that’s great! Consumers also regularly shop for watches, themselves. Selling a product that is ideal for both gift giving and self indulging is a good investment.

Personalized items are always ideal because they show a lot of thought that has gone in to the purchase. If you’re customers are shopping for a gift, let them know how great personalization can be. It’s easy to go out to the store and buy something, but it takes a lot of thought to choose an item and have it personalized. Not all personalized items are gifts, though. Some people like to buy personalized items for themselves and that’s fine. Encourage your customers to shop for themselves while shopping for others, too.

Pet products are popular among consumers because everyone loves to shop for Rover. After all, he can’t very well shop for himself, so he needs help from his family. Most people love their pets and are always looking for a cute product to buy. Perhaps a cute sweater for the winter months?

Jewelry is always a nice seller and can be quite profitable, but how do you know which items will sell better than others? It’s simple. Color sells. Shoppers seem to enjoy blue, such as topaz and sapphire. Blue is a calming color and always a very popular choice. Anything with multi-colored gems, red, green or purple can be big sellers, as well. Items that are solid gold can also bring in some nice profits.

Scented candles are proven sellers due to the many new approaches to this unique idea. Gone are the days that candles were used simply to light a room. These products now fill the air with lovely scents, including vanilla, coffee, cinnamon, berries, etc. Other scented items are becoming quite popular among craft shows, including scented wax dipped teddy bears. They’re adorable and they smell great. On top of that, they are terrific sellers.

Miniature figurines are a big hit among collectors and people who are just looking to fill a corner in their cabinet. These cute little trinkets come in specialized figures, such as dolphins for the sea lover or elephants for the safari enthusiast. Plain figurines, water globes or fiber optic are among the many choices for figurine resellers.

Whether you are buying from a dropshipper, setting up your own turnkey website or dealing with a manufacturer, these items will provide a good start or productive inventory for any business. There are plenty of options for anyone looking to start their own internet business.

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