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Focus Versus Diversification in Your Online Opportunity


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Which is the best direction to go when building up your online opportunity: focusing on a small niche or diversification? There are strong arguments for both sides of the coin and it can get pretty confusing because the decision you take will have a huge impact on the success or failure of your business.

There are those who strongly argue for diversification saying that with your finger in many pies, you will tend to considerably cut down your risks in case anything goes wrong. However on the other end of the spectrum are those who strongly support focus as the only way to succeed at anything. The rays of the sun are spread all over and are harmless in sharp contrast to a laser beam whose rays are much weaker that the sun's but because they focus, they become so powerful that they are able to cut through diamond.

It is best to reach our verdict based on success stories online and which particular policy seems to have worked best to transform opportunity into lucrative business.

In reality focus almost always seems to win the day.

When Sergey Brin and Larry Page were launching Google they focused on building the best search engine on the World Wide Web. They did this at a time when all other major companies like Yahoo! Who were involved in search were diversifying to supposedly maximize on their income and revenues. Today the figures speak for themselves because Google is much bigger than all the others. In fact there are more people using Google than those using all the other search engines put together.

There are countless other examples of how careful focusing on a tiny niche opened up an online opportunity beyond the wildest dreams of the founders. The truth is that the web is a huge place and failing to focus can easily cause you to disappear and drown in the ocean that is the web. Focusing on a tiny niche not only enables you to get an identity but also ensures that you dominate that particular niche.

Even when choosing which keywords to use for your site, it is best to focus your site on a single keyword phrase. The keyword should clearly define your narrow niche. This is in fact how you will succeed with search engines. Naturally you will sue plenty of synonyms and similar words to your single keyword phrase but they will all be closely linked to your main keyword phrase. Focus is powerful even in an online opportunity on the web .

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The Power of Focus In Your Online Business (or Anywhere!)
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