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Online Business Opportunity - Reseller versus Instant Online Business


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With so many online business opportunities on the web, how do you choose the best one for you? The best place to start is to evaluate the various types that are available. In this article we will look at two:

#1: Digital Information Product Reseller

With this type of online business opportunity you are given the right to resell one or more digital information products such as ebooks or downloadable software. The seller will typically provide you with a professionally designed sales page and graphics. Setting the website up will require some - you do not need to handle sales or returns

    time, money, and effort on your part.

    For example, you will usually need to register a domain name and sign up for hosting so you can upload your sales page on the web. You will also need to set up a merchant account to accept online payments. Next, you will need to set up a “thank you" page where your buyers will be re-directed to download the info-product they purchase from you. In addition, you may also want to purchase some security software to protect your download link.

    Once your website is set up you will want to put together a marketing plan to drive traffic to it. As part of the marketing plan you will want to have an ezine newsletter customers can subscribe to. The easiest way to do this to get an autoresponder service which automatically enrolls customers who want to subscribe, and unenrolls those who wish to unsubscribe.

    If customers have problems downloading their information product, or want a refund you will also need to take care of these items. So you will want to check your email periodically.

    The advantage of this type of online business opportunity is that you usually get to keep 100% of the profits from any sales. In addition, you begin to build a list of customers (that subscriber to your ezine) that you can sell to in the future. So while this online business opportunity takes some time, money, and effort to set up and maintain it can be rewarding.

    #2: Turnkey Online Business

    With a turnkey online business all of the “heavy lifting" has been done for you in most cases. For example with a number of them:

      - you do not need a website

      - you do not need merchant account

      - you do not need a download link or “thank you" page

      - you do not need to create products

      - you do not need to pay monthly fees

    Your main job will be driving traffic to your link in order to generate sales, which is where the money is made. How? You sign up to be an affiliate for the products the turnkey internet business sells and receive an affiliate code. This code is included in your affiliate link. When a visitor clicks on your affiliate link and buys something, you receive a commission.

    So which internet business opportunity is better? They are both good if you deal with a reputable company. What it really comes down to is what works best for you. For example, if you have the time, money, and expertise to set up a reseller website then as I mentioned earlier it can be a rewarding experience.

    However, if you do not have a lot of time, money, or expertise then a turnkey online business opportunity can be an ideal way to get started. Since most of the work has been done for you on the technical side, you can focus on driving traffic to your link.

    Hopefully this article has provided you with an idea of the online business opportunities that are available; as well as some guidelines you can use to determine which one is right for you.

    For more information on turnkey internet business opportunities, visit:Turnkey Internet Business 411


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