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Why Not Create Your Own Ebook Today


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Creating a hot selling ebook in one day is not as difficult as you think.

What we are trying to do is to use the hard work of other people and create our own unique products. This sounds too good to be true doesn't it. It is however a method the top publishers of ebooks do time and time again that enable them to create info products in the quickest possible of time.

Go to goarticles. I mentioned in a previous article of mine how to find niche ideas for ebooks by looking at article directories. Well in this article we’re going to use the content in them to create ebooks.

Web site owners write articles and then present them to article directories so they can get free publicity. At the end of each article there is usually a link back to the owners own web site. These site owners want people to take that article and market it to people so in turn they can get visitors to their site without spending even a dime on marketing. This is a great way for skillful entrepreneurs who are willing to spend a few hours of their time so they can benefit from their small efforts for many years to come.

At goarticles type in a niche in the search bar which is position at the top right (make sure it is on ‘article content’ rather than a search by ‘author’). Type in your niche market. So for example type in ‘dogs’. You’ll get thousands of results related to what you have searched for. What I would like you to do now is simply sift through the results picking out about seventy quality articles or more which have some connection to the dog market. Simply copy and paste these articles into ‘Word’ or some similar word processing application. As I’ve said make sure they are quality articles.

If you create an ebook using low quality content you will end up just getting a high refund rate and thus will end up to be a useless exercise. Try if you can and bring all the articles together in one sub niche. For example a sub niche of dogs might be ‘training your dog’. To give an example a sub niche of dogs could be that of ‘training your dog’. Try to use a bit of imagination when applying this method.

E-mail Article Authors

Do not use any of the articles without the authors’ prior permission. Remember most articles will have been submitted so the author can get visitors to their site without spending even a cent. However it is essential to avoid breaching any copyright laws. It is best to e-mail the authors of each article mentioning to them that you are creating an ebook targeted at their niche market. You would therefore love to feature the author's article in your forthcoming ebook and that you would of course include a link back to their web site. Also ask them if they have any other articles that you could include.

You should expect of around seventy per cent of the article writers you contact be delighted that you asked them for their approval to publish their article in your forthcoming ebook. Just cast aside those articles whose writers either don't reply to you or refuse you give you permission.

Put the articles in an order that makes sense and produce a contents page. Use the titles of the articles as contents topics. Specific chapters could be created which aim at solving particular problems which people in you niche are experiencing. So for example if you were creating an ebook on golf you could create a section on improving your golf swing, a section on the mind game of golf and so on. The articles themselves would form separate chapters. Write a short introduction and conclusion. To increase your sales you can also provide a link to your back end products at the end of the book.

Finally you need to turn it into an ebook to sell. Visit the web site and download the pdf converter software you find there. Don’t worry it won’t cost you a dime. Once the software has been downloaded all that you need to do in your ‘Word’ word processor is to hit ‘file’ and then ‘print’ and then choose ‘primo PDF’ as your printer. There you are! You have just produced an ebook by using the hard work of other people. This entire process can be completed within a just few hours. Possibly you may need to wait a couple of days for the writers of the articles to return to you but once that's done you are ready to go! Anybody can apply this technique and produce more ebooks than you would ever be capable of selling.

That is a splendid method right? I mean it won’t cost you anything to create a product yet you could sell hundreds if not thousands of copies and keep all the profits using other peoples ‘hard work’

Carl Williams is an information publisher specializing in helping people to start their own home based business. Now you know how to create a product in one day learn how to market it by getting a no cost two hour video on niche ebooks at


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