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Presell, Not Sell : How To Get Your Visitors To Click


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I recently read Ken Evoy's Affiliate Masters Course and found out some pretty interesting stuff. Actually VERY interesting stuff. the 10 day course is a course to die for you need it if you want to be a high earning affiliate champion. Got it! OK let's get to the point.

This book has it that people in their own affiliate program who earned Conversation Rates as low as 1%-2% were actually selling the ‘site build it!’ (the name of their website) affiliate program entirely on their website. Means the website is made for the affiliate program. and lack what visitors need the most, CONTENT! CONTENT, CONTENT, I can say it a hundred times, because content is THE most valuable part of one's website. Visitors come in to sites in search of content, and when they see that the site is based on products, Whoosh! they are gone!

Ok! lets say that one of them to clicked through. The process follows, the visitor enters your site full of advertising, (only based on the products/affiliate program. ) No content. clicks through an Ad in your site, goes to the merchant's site and see more of the product reviews. Will they be tempted to purchase? or an action for that matter? This is why most Affiliates aren't successful, thay do not understand the visitors need, The visitor is THE most important in the process not the merchant. You must convince the visitor to make an action, and the merchant will do the rest (Stats, Revenue etc. )

Now lets see why Pre-selling works best. The book says that affiliiates earning more than 10% of their respective sites were mostly PREsellers. Pre selling is simple. First convince your visitor to your site by Content! nothing related to the merchant(program) but content related to the the visitors need. Ok lets take an example. I love Soccer, see my other site www.soccerlinks. co. nr lets say my site I put information on soccer training, Some links, History, Information, Clubs, News and so on! People will come to my site in search of content related to these matters. They find it and frequently visit my site in search of it. They all ready think of me as an expert in the field because I have added content! and I put some of the merchant ads (not banners, banners won't do well believe me I've tried them No use, visitors develop banner blindness) let's say Text links, linking to the merchant. and I blend them with my content. say I've got content on soccer training and I'm selling an ebook. I add content on training and saying in some place that there is an ebook which you(visitor) will find interesting and ad a link to the merchants site. and the visitors will be tempted since you as an expert is advising the visitor to do an action.

It will always be that Preselling is better than Selling. Visitors seek Pro advice not the stuff from a site dedicated fully to the program. Content is the most valuable part of a website. and with it comes PREselling!!

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Pramith or P. B as he is commonly known has been marketing various programs on the internet. mainly for blog users. his goal is to become a internet marketing guru and help out many bloggers along his path his first step in achieving this is his blog it self which is located here


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Affiliate Marketing Presell Formula Part 4 - The Creation Of Content
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