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Use This 100% Free Guarantee Tips To Build A Permanent Traffic To Your Site


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There are a lot of good websites on net, but you know why those websites just don’t get any hits, although they have many contents. Well, it doesn’t mean when you have contents, your web will be crowded- It depends on what kind of content you will promote in your web. Don’t you ever compare your website to others’? If you did I just hope you will have some ideas, and know why! But if you still don’t- let me show you a little clearly. I believe everyone has ideas how to make the site hit, but sometimes those ideas are just not useful for most of the visitors or publishers. Your content should be creative, addictive and easy to make people spot and catch their eyes. I know you will want to ask me to show you what the heak you can do to make it hit!…:), ok, just calm down!

Let me show you a few strategies that I used to make people coming to my site.

I. A website can’t be popular without content, The first thing you can do is to write an article- article is the best ways to drive people to you, but just remember that you don’t want to write useless articles, because 1000’s of useless articles don’t even compare to half of a good one. So be sure you have a good one, before you publish it. Below are some strategies you should memorize before starting your article writing.

1. Title:
Your article title should be creative and powerful enough to catch people’s eyes. Title is the first thing people will look- if the title is bad, the rest will be bad. The most powerful article you should write may be related to money. Money is everyone’s friend. We spend times and times because of money, most of the people who surf the internet every day because they want to find ways to make money, they want to read a good article that can help them. Please be sure you focus on your title again and again before you write the body because if the title doesn’t work, your body will never be read.

2. Read Other Similar Articles And Put Together The Good Words Before Writing:
Sometimes, you may read the other similar articles first before you write yours. Writing an article is very competition, if you are not a ware of it, your article will be in zero position although your title is good enough to catch people’s eyes. For me, if I want to write an article about something I always search for that article title from other around. Just remember that there will be thousands of article titles similar to yours or 100% the same from other authors.

Spending sometimes to read and take all the good descriptions, explanations, and useful tips from those contents, I don’t mean I want you to copy the same word those authors wrote, (Of course, it violates the copyright), I mean by reading a lot contents you will create a genius idea in your mind, you will know how to write a better article than those authors. Always, compare yours to others’ before putting it to publish. You have to be a head if you want your wishes to be success, and believe me there is no thing people can’t do. They can, we can too. I agree all the people is not the same and not always smart, some are and some aren’t, but if you have a solid plan and focus on your project carefully, you still can finish it with success.

3. Fully Explaining And Don’t Put Your Advertisement Too Much To The Readers:
Before you want them to believe in you, you have to explain them how, show them the right way especially your past experiences will help a lot. Be sure to be honest about your self, people like to talk about them selves, and people like to listen to people’s stories.

Don’t put too much advertisement or affiliate to them, I don’t mean that you shouldn’t use ad at all, but it should be slowly- Don’t go over the flow. Some people don’t really like to read any of your contents any more after one ad to another.

II. Forum is another good way to build your traffic, please be sure to join forums, as possible as you can, which have a lot of active members- if your website is about Games, you should search and join the Game Forums. If your web is about Electronics, you may join Electronic Forums because it can help you a big part to drive your possible visitors. Most of the forums don’t let you post your affiliate, but don’t forget you still can post your ad legally without violating their policy, and that will be the Signature- in your signature area you should put some short sentences but meaningful to catch the visitors’ eyes.

Example: If you want to get an attention from the members in forums as well as want them to visit, why shouldn’t you put your addictive article title in your Signature Area? Always put your website address. Remember you have a good article right? {An Addictive Article Title + Good Article + Right Targeted Category Of Your Web = Visiting and Product sold}.

III. Have you ever heard about a free media submitting YouTube? YouTube is a free service that let you upload all your media to show millions of Audiences for free. Why don’t you create an addictive media file and display your website address along, at least one of the ten will come to you, so if your media file has 1,000,000 views- it would be 100,000 visitors to your web and there is not only YouTube provides this service, there are a lot out there on the web like Google and whole lots more. I may stop writing or giving any idea now, because if I still write it, it will be never ended.

I just hope that after you read this article, at least you feel a little change in your mind. Although, it doesn’t help you a lot, but I know it will help you something with your planning. The last thing I would like you to remember is focusing and planning ahead before you do something.

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