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How Do You Get The Product Images And Descriptions From The Suppliers Site To Your Site?

Mat Siltala

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Here is the more frequently asked question I get in regards to this; How do I get images of products and descriptions from drop shipper's web site to my own - Also, am I allowed to change the images?

First things first - The best way I can suggest (if you are doing it on your own) to get the product images and descriptions to your site is to get them on your local computer first.

Here is what you do -

1. Open up, and log into your account with your drop ship supplier.

2. Find the the area where all of your product information and images are (all of your marketing material).

3. Start finding all the products that you want to include on your website.

4. Open up a word document.

5. Go back to the supplier website and start to copy the name and product description.

6. Paste the info to a properly labeled word document.

7. Get the image for that product and save it on a folder you created for “product images"

8. Save the product image(s) under the same name that you have the product titled in your word document (so no confusion later on)

9. Do this for all of your products that you are wanting to list on the site.

Now that you have all of your product descriptions and images on your local computer you can start to modify them anyway you want. This is the main reason I suggest taking them to a word document, so you can remember to make the changes to the content. Remember how much I talk about making sure the product descriptions are never just copied “word for word" from your suppliers website to yours? If you are good with a photo editing software then to answer the above question, Yes - you can modify the images to make them work for your website.

Once you get done with all of these steps and the re-writes, you are ready to load them to your website. All you will have to do is simply copy and paste the info from your word document to your website shopping cart (the section where you add products). When you get to the place the shopping cart is asking for images, you can browse through the image folder you created, and get any images, or modified images with ease, because remember, you saved them with the appropriate names so you would not be confused.

If I am going to be adding products myself, this is generally the way that I do it! I have tried doing it so many ways, but this works the best, plus it provides me with a back up of all the brand new content and information I just created for the site. If my site ever goes down for what ever reason, I will always have access to my content, and that is a good feeling. Especially if you have over 1000 products. That is a lot to have to redo.

Matt Siltala has been involved with the Internet and business since 1999 and has helped many people set up dropshipping business correctly. Matt Siltala is also involved with dropshipper companies like The Shipper in order to help them better educate the businesses that use their services.


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