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How to Achieve Improved Search Engine Rank


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Improved search engine rank can lead to high listings in search engine indices. The major page rank measurement is the Google PageRank that you find on the Google toolbar, but many people are confused at the difference between PageRank and search engine rankings, or listing positions, in the indices for specific keywords.

Google PageRank is a measurement of the linking density and efficiency between websites. If your website has a high Google PageRank it indicates that you have succeeded in winning in the linking wars.

Internal Links are Important

The way that you improve your Google PageRank is to get as many sites as possible linking to your site, and reduce as far as you can the number of links you provide to other sites. This applies to internal as well as external sites. Yes, read that again! This applies equally to links between pages on your own website as it does between pages on your website and those on another website.

There are ways that you can design your own internal links to provide chosen pages on your site with significantly higher PageRank than on others. I would suggest, however, that the page you choose for the highest rank is your home, or index page.

The higher PageRank you have, it is said that the higher listing in the search engines you will have because your site will be considered more relevant or important than those of lower PageRank sites that have fewer sites linking to them. What you must consider, however, is whether or not you feel confident of attaining a large number (thousands) of links from other web pages.

Page Rank is not the same as Index Listing

On the other hand, others associate the term ‘search engine rank’ with ‘search engine listing’. It is said that the way to get a high search engine listing for a keyword is to get as many links back to your site as possible, but what matters is the quality of these links, not the number of them. You don’t need a PR 7 or 8 webpage to reach the top 10 in Google or any of the other major engines.

What you really need is good search engine optimization. Not just one or two changes to your website, such as using H1 tags and the like, but a major reconstruction to really make your site attractive to spiders. This takes knowledge to achieve, which is why so many people can work hard for months but never get their site listed, let alone in the top 10 results.

You also need good, well written content that is relevant to the keyword of the page and is written naturally. Google’s LSI algorithm can distinguish between naturally written, useful content designed for interested readers and a page that has been written only for the search engine spiders.

Some find it Easy and Others find it Hard

A listing on a search engine such as Google can be difficult to achieve for some, yet effortless for others who know how to get their sites listed without even submitting them to search engines. If I got paid $100 for every site I got listed on Google within a day or two, as some SEO sites charge for achieving it in a week or two, then I too might be an internet guru.

All you need to have is the knowledge of how to do it, and therein lies the answer to speedy and high search engine listings: knowledge.

Peter is a freelance writer who finds it easy to achieve high search engine listings. Find out how he does it on and let him teach you how to do it yourself.


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