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Search Engine Optimization Reviews - What You Need To Know


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Let's evaluate what search engine optimization entails. Most people, who offer search engines optimization reviews, don't have a clue to what the search engines are looking for. Search engine optimization is the process of building a structured website according to predetermined guidelines set out by website indexing software such as Google, Msn and Yahoo.

This powerful software scans your website to see if it complies with their guidelines and rank your website accordingly.

From all the search engine optimization reviews I have read before I've never come across anything that gives me the complete answer to what these rules are but through trial and error I've discovered what the search engines want.

The search engines compete to be the most relevant to their surfers. Shouldn't you then try to provide the most relevant information for the search engines to display to surfers?

Search engine optimization reviews and reviewers don't normally give away information on how to show the search engines that you’re relevant to their searchers. So read carefully.

Your aim is to get ranked above other sites in the search engine database that are in the same industry as your website.

You do this by writing relevant content about the topic your website covers. Then we indicate to the search engines that your information is the most relevant. To do this we have to take a look at our on-page and off page optimization.

Fire up your web browser, left click and select view source on any webpage online and you will see exactly how that page is made using a programming language like html (the most common), java script, flash etc.

Start at the top of the web page with the title tags. This tag tells both users and search engines what exactly your web site is about. This is your chance to use your primary keywords at the beginning of the sentence to let the users know the topic of the page and to make the search engine spiders be aware of what keywords to consider ranking your pages for.

Next are your Meta tags. These tags are split up in to the Meta keyword tag and the Meta description tag. The Meta keyword tag is where you put your most important keywords but seriously it isn’t that important.

The Meta description tag is used to describe what your site is about and some search engines use it for the description of your site in the search results so it is worth including your primary keywords very close to the beginning of the description.

H1 tags are very important and should be used in your main heading on your web pages but please only use this tag once on each web page.

H2 tags can be used a few times and the H3 tags can be used as many times as you wish throughout a page.

Your keyword density within a web page should be about 5% to 7%. This ensures that when the search engines reviews your optimized pages they get the point to what your site is about.

Lastly for on page optimization would be your alt-tags or image tags and your anchor text. With these tags and text also include you primary keywords.

Any content about that reviews search engine optimization would not be complete if it didn’t mention the importance of doing relevant keyword research. Doing all of this optimization is worthless if you don’t do a great deal of keyword research.

Let me say a quick word about off page optimization. The most important things you can do is to get sites of similar content to link back to you without you linking back to them and also when they link to you have them but your primary keyword in the anchor text.

I hope you find my search engine optimization review helpful. By following it you can achieve higher rankings. I know it is a lot to take in and it maybe a little difficult to follow but they're tools that automate this whole process. Choose one wisely if you must. The tools you use can either make your site or break it.

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