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Judith Kallos

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Do you thank someone for sending you a thank you e-mail? Then, do you e-mail back “you're welcome" too when they e-mail back that you are welcome? How much back and forth is required before safely assuming everyone has been thanked and welcomed enough? “You are welcome" is assumed and more a part of in-person conversations. If all you have to add to the conversation is an e-mail back with a “you're welcome" without any additional comments, that really isn't necessary.

There is a point in every communication where replying is not constructive or has no value other than to repeat the obvious. First of all, I am a big proponent of taking the time to say “Thank you!" If someone has replied to any e-mail or has done something nice for you online, (processed your order quickly, replied promptly to a customer service request, took the time to respond to your questions) then a quick thank you would be nice. The “you're welcome" part is discretionary based on the comments, relationship and situation.

I get thanked all the time by kind folks who ask for my advice. They send back a line or two thanking me for taking the time to help them. I don't respond with a “You're Welcome" unless their thank you included either additional questions or comments that I feel I can add to the conversation with by replying.

E-mail is very much about reflecting your personality in how you choose to communicate. Some folks are more chatty and friendly than others, while there are those that, unfortunately, are too curt and to the point and come off as terse or demanding. Boy, would a thank you soften their communications when apropos!

Whatever your style, it will reflect on what you will be like to communicate with. Personally, I appreciate those who take the time to say thank you and each one I receive makes me smile. Thank yous are a simple common courtesy that are worth taking the time needed to type those 9 little letters for the result provided.

A little thank you can go a long way towards building relationships and leaving a positive impression about the kind of person you are. If another onliner has helped you or has done something nice on your behalf. . . Thank them! It will be welcome!

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Thank You, You're Welcome, Thank You, You're Welcome...
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