Why Pay-Per-Click Advertising Is Critical for New Sites


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Pay-per-click advertising is one of those internet marketing platforms that is both loved and hated. Regardless of your particular position, it is a critical platform for marketing new sites.

Pay-per-click advertising, better known as PPC, is a method of buying traffic off of high quality sites. In most instances, the best traffic is produced through the PPC platforms offered by Google and Yahoo. The process works by creating an advertisement that should appear under keyword phrases you select and then bidding for position among the other advertisers seeking exposure for said keyword phrases.

If you are launching a new site, PPC advertising should be one of the first things you implement when it comes to marketing the site. The common reason given for this is the medium produces immediate traffic to your site whether through Google Adwords, Yahoo Search or whatever platform you want to use. This immediate traffic is valuable since most other online marketing efforts, particularly SEO, take time to start producing results.

There is little dispute that PPC is a great way to produce immediate traffic to your site. That being said, the reason why this is important is often misunderstood. Yes, you want to make sales and immediate traffic from PPC is a way to get them. While sales are important, there is an additional step that you must take to fully grasp why PPC is so important.

When you launch a new site, you probably have a pretty good idea of what you want people to do when they visit your site. You obviously want them to buy something. While you have probably given a lot of thought as to how this will work, you do not have an empirical evidence of whether your site produces the expected results. This is where PPC comes in.

With PPC, you can produce immediate traffic to your site and analyze how that traffic converts to sales. You should be tracking all of your ads. By doing so, you can see which ads and pages convert visitors into customers and which do not. You can then play around with your pages to try different methods. The ultimate goal is to find the approach that converts well and apply it throughout the site. Once you have done this, keep monitoring the site to ascertain whether the new approach works across all pages. Repeat until you have the best conversion rate possible.

Ultimately, PPC is a good way to produce immediate traffic to a site. While sales are obviously the name of the game, PPC also allows you to test different sales strategies and see within a few days whether they work or not. This is critical knowledge to have and will be all the more invaluable when your other marketing efforts come to fruition.

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