5 Easy Steps to Pay Per Click for Profit It's Not What You Think

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Google and Yahoo are not the Only Pay Per Click Sites on the Internet. In fact one can make huge amounts of money using the secondary Pay Per Click Sites. This Article will show you an Easy 5 Step Method to use these Secondary Pay Per Click Sites often Times for free and Earn Huge Profits.

Step 1 Find or Create a Product to Sell
Finding a Product is easy. You simply go to Click Bank or Commission Junction and search for a Product you would like to sell, If you want to get Paid Instantly then Purchase a product with Resale rights and set-up a Sales page

Step 2 Find Your Keywords
Finding Keywords is also fairly easy their is a freeware tool called Good Keywords that you can Download from the Internet that will help you find Keywords. Google has a free online Keyword suggestion Tool. You type in a Keyword Phrase and it will return a list of Keywords with estimated costs for each keyword.

Step 3 Setup and Test Your Campaign on 1 or 2 PPC Sites
There are over 100 PPC Search Engines. Many of these will give you Bonus Dollars just to sign up. Find a good 2nd Tier Pay Per Click Search Engine and run a test campaign for between 1 cent to 10 Cents per Click and a Maximum of $10 per Day. At 10 Cents per click you should be able to get at least 100 Clicks a Day. If you are selling a Product that Nets you a $50 profit then you will only need 2 Sales per 900 Clicks to make a $10 Profit.

I like to Average at least $10 a Day per Profit per Campaign. So You run your ad for 10 Days at $10 per Day you would need to gross $225 or so to net $100 after fees.

Step 4 Roll out your successful Campaigns On Many Sites
Once you have found a Campaign that Produces a Profit of at Least $10 a Day for a Specific Keyword or phrase slowly ad 2 or 3 Search Engines per day. The Goal would be to find 15 to 20 Search Engines that yield a profit of $10 a Day each. Be sure and cut your looses on unprofitable search engines and run with the Profit makers.

Step 5 Repeat for Steps 2 to 4 for Additional Key Words or Steps 1 to 4 for New Products

Now that you have a successful product on at least 15 Search Engines go back to step and add more keywords for your product.

At the same time go back to Step 1 and Find an additional product or products to sell.

The Sky really is the limit. The Internet has a never ending group of products you can sell and Places you can sell them on. Let's look at some simple math. If you have 20 Search Engines with 5 Keywords per Product then you will have 100 Ads. If your ads Average only $5 Profit per Day (1/2 the recommended average) then you would be earning 500 a Day. for 1 Product. What if you could do this with 10, 20 or 100 Products, how much could you earn.

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