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Today I wanted to write something I discovered that is probably very basic to advanced users of Google Adwords, but if you are new like me I believe this will help you lower your Adwords costs up to 50% with minimal effort.

After setting up your website you will want to begin driving traffic to it as soon as possible. I am still learning how to get free traffic by using sound SEO (Search Engine Optimization) principals, but for now, using Adwords and PPC is the quickest way for me to do this.

After creating my Blog I went to Google Adwords to setup my PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign. I created a very general term to describe my campaign and began by entering only a few keywords to describe my Blog.

Almost immediately I noticed traffic began coming to my website from one single keyword and so I decided I would begin adding more advertisements and testing different keywords. Imagine my surprise when I found my most prized keyword had been disabled and the cost to get it back doubled? What went wrong?

I spent the next day trying to figure this out on my own but in the end I finally gave up and did what anyone should do if they want to know how to use Google Adwords effectively - I actually went to Google Adwords Help page!

You should know something I am beginning to learn when dealing with Google - they are very detailed in their instructions about using Google Adwords and Google Adsense. You will not see long vague writings from employees of Google about their policies, nor will you find answers in the Adwords Help section that are unclear. As a matter of fact, if you call Google you will find that they say exactly what they have written in their own help pages and nothing more. I believe they go through great efforts to insure everyone is on the same page about how to effectively use Google Adwords. If they write it or say it, you should follow it to a “T. "

I decided to go back to my campaign and start over. I wanted to follow their directions as stated and do nothing more. The first thing I did was to rename the name of my Adgroup to match the theme of my website and my keywords.

Next I went to my keywords and deleted all but one. I then went to my ads to edit them so they would match my adgroup name and my one keyword. I think this is where you really have to focus - don't write cute little ads that you think people will respond to as Google will find it irrelevant and penalize you by increasing your minimum bid.

Now, after changing my adgroup name, deleting vague keywords, and rewriting my ads I worked on my Blog Titles. I wanted to make sure that not only the Title of my Blog pages were relevant, but the content of my posts matched as well. I went through each post and began editing and deleting long paragraphs that were not relevant to my Title.

It was only a few minutes and I noticed my Adwords keyword minimum bid had dropped by half and my ads began to run again. I also noticed that I seemed to be rewarded with my Adsense ads as well - suddenly my Adsense revenue tripled for each click received on my Blog thereby reducing my overall Google Adwords costs! This is like receiving discounted or free traffic to your website just by following directions.

I did a lot of work to lower my Google Adwords costs by 50% but in the end it really came down to focus and attention to detail. By simply following directions it appears that Google has rewarded me with inexpensive traffic and higher Adsense payouts.

I will now begin to look at adding other products and services that are relevant to my Blog content and attempt to take advantage of this increased traffic.

You can check out my joureny to replace my income using Blogs and Google Adsense by visiting my Blog at http://www.bloggingandadsense.

David Goodwin
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