Finding a Legitimate Work At Home Job - Five Warning Signs Of A Scam


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Many people want home based jobs so they can take care of their children and their home while working to bring in some extra money. But finding a legitimate work at home job can be a challenge with all the scams on the internet.

This article lists the five warning signs of a scam.

#1: It Sounds Too Good To Be True

Most legitimate work at home jobs are like any other type of work: they require actual elbow grease. Any site that tells you that you can make millions at a home based job by doing nothing more than clicking a mouse a few times is not being honest with you. After all, if they had such a good deal going, why share it with others?

#2: You Have To Pay

Remember the days before you started doing home based jobs? Your employer paid you, right? Not the other way around. A legitimate work at home job will pay you, maybe not much at first, but they will pay. A scammer is likely to ask you to pay for expensive lessons, marketing kits, etc. Don’t fall for it.

#3: Spelling and Grammar Are Poor

We’ve all seen the ads: “Im Going Too Make YOU Millionaire. ” Sorry, but I’ve known a few millionaires in my day, and they could all spell. Or if they could not, they at least had the good sense to hire people who could to do their publicity.

#4: They Don’t Pay

“We offer publicity. ” That’s nice, but publicity won’t feed your family or pay your light bill. Home based jobs are supposed to inflate your checkbook, not your ego.

#5: Poor References

Before you agree to work for a company, run them through your favorite search engine. Companies offering a legitimate home based jobs should check out pretty well. Scammers are likely to check out badly with lots of people claiming they’ve been taken advantage of.

Doing home based jobs is difficult enough. Don’t complicate your life further by bringing a scammer into it.


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Legitimate Work at Home Opportunities - Finding Real Jobs Online
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