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There are a lot of get rich quick ideas in the world, but most of them lead to money only moving in one direction: into the pockets of the person selling the idea. However, of all the legitimate methods of making cash outside of a day job, one stands head and shoulders above the rest as “easy money. " Not really. It's still hard work and many people quit before ever making a dime. However, in this mini-guide, I'll show you how to do it in the quickest and “easiest" way possible.

1. Buy your favorite magazine or a magazine in a topic you're at least somewhat interested in. Look at ALL the advertisements in your magazine, and think of a general theme they fall under. Could just be the theme of the magazine itself. For instance, if your magazine is “Cat Fancy, " you would find lots of advertisements for cat products and your theme would be “cats. "

2. Go to epinions and/or amazon and look up user reviews of the first product advertised in your magazine. Read all of them, take notes, and write your own review based on what people said about this product. Continue to do this for 5 to 10 more products in your magazine.

3. Sign up for a free account at blogger.com. Name your blog something related to your theme. For the above example, you could use something like “catloversrus. blogspot.com. " Anything with a little ring to it is nice.

4. Post the product reviews you wrote on your blog. If you like, add some pictures and a personal biography. The more detail you add, the better.

5. Create a free account at cj.com, and find a large retailer of the products in your magazine. Get links to those products, and put them at the end of your “reviews" but describe these links as “Click here for a great price we found" or something similar. Make it seem like a friendly referral and not a promotion for the product.

6. Continue to use epinions and amazon to write reviews of EVERY product in your magazine. One every few days is good.

7. Search Google for the topic of your magazine and the word “blog. " On the blogs you find, make comments on any new posts that people make, and include a link to your blogger blog. When you make these comments, don't make them spammy. Think of something you might actually write if you didn't own your own blog. Be as innocent as possible about it.

8. Ask the blog owners in your topic if they would be interested in you interviewing them for your blog. If any say yes, email them several interview style questions and post the interview on your blog. This will give you good exposure.

The more you work at promotion and exposure, the more visitors you'll get. And the more visitors you get who end up reading your “reviews, " the more people will buy products through your links and unknowingly pay you a commission. This really is incredibly simple, and unlike other “get rich quick" ideas it involves some actual work on your part. However, there is a lot more that goes into this whole process that can give you incredible amounts of income that can more than replace any “day job. "

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Mike Kuhn is just a regular guy who discovered the secret to creating websites that truly dominate their niche.


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The Easiest Way To Save Money While In Spain
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