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How To Make A Fortune With Your Free Email Address


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Do you know you can make stupendous cash using your free email account to publish an online newsletter or ezine?

I am always amazed when I see people complain about not having a job when they already have a tool to make money-a free email address.

This business idea is quite simple but if done well, can change your financial fortunes overnight. This business requires low cost start up and you can get started in minutes, plus, you get most, if not all, the tools you need to run it absolutely free. Yes, I mean it, most of the tools you need to run an ezine or newsletter empire can be gotten free on the Internet and I will show you how and where in seconds, just keep on following this article.

This business is a real money-spinner because making money on the Internet is all about building communities. Sites like,, are successful because they have a community of people who visit their sites regularly. You can also build your own Internet community (and ultimately, your wealth) by publishing an ezine. Find out how below but before then,

What is an Ezine? The ‘e’ there stands for electronic while the ‘zine’ is culled from the word magazine. Something like an electronic magazine and what does a magazine contain? Information for a targeted group of people. For instance now, there are magazines serving mobile entrepreneurs, there are also Internet Wealth Magazines serving the needs of people who want to make money online, there are also magazines containing information on taking care of babies. Several examples abound.

From the above, you will get to understand an ezine as a periodical that serves the interests of a particular group of people and it is strictly delivered to its subscribers via email.

What is a Newsletter? Just like an ezine, a newsletter is a periodical online publication targeted at a specific group of people. It is an instrument members of a group use to stay in touch. Sometimes, a newsletter can be an offline publication because major companies publish in-house newsletters to keep staff abreast of the current developments in the company.

However, I am talking strictly about newsletters that are published online and delivered to subscribers by email. It must however be noted that the 2 words: ezine and newsletter are interchanged most of the time. To most Internet Marketers, they mean one and the same thing. You choose what you want your online publication to be: an ezine or newsletter.

Please note however that for your ezine to bring you real money, it must solve a problem for people, that is the only thing that can guarantee your success as an ezine publisher.

Iyabo Oyawale assists people achieve success in small business, Internet Marketing and in life generally. You can download her 100% free success manuals at the free ebooks section of and


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