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I'm sure you can easily find a lot of information about article marketing, but most of the information is focused on some service, e. g. article submission or copywriting or some long and hard to test guidance. In this article I'd like to answer a question - what philosophy stands behind article marketing? Why it is important? Because if you know just step-by-step algorithm you are missing a lot, it's better to know what concept is behind all these step-by-step algorithms. So, let me give you a short “articles philosophy” note.

Below, I will be talking about Google most time, because it generates 80% of all Search Engine traffic for me and for other web-site owners. Article marketing works for Google, also, it works for MSN and Yahoo in the same way.

I’m not fan of “hard SEO”, I’m not one of those who know what every Search Engine would like to see today. It’s a hard job to have an eye on it. So I prefer to do things which will work for any search engine. If Google will ever change its page rank algorithms (this company always improves it), you will not face any problem, and you will know what to do about this without any help. That’s why “philosophy” is important.

The first and the most important idea is that content is a king, I’m sure you heard about this, but what does it mean? We are living in information-word, so information is what people need to live in this world. If you have just 100$ to spend on your marketing, spend 80$ on content.

The second important idea is back links. There is no yet any proof way for machine to answer the question – “if this page is good or bad”, the only way to answer this question is to see how many people link back to this page. Sure, there are some more details about this idea, but the key is that you need to have many back links to be popular.

You already know about two important ideas; you know why article marketing will work for you. Other any other ideas? Sure! Lots of them. For instance, people are talking about publicity, which you will have as a result of article marketing, or that you will be a recognized as an expert in your area. Well, sure, it is true, but I cannot guaranty that these things will work for you. Are there any chances that your article will be reprinted by some popular magazine? Be honest, the answer is NO. Today these magazines are not going to reprint you, but there are still smaller sites, that will be happy to get your content and link back to you.

Finally, article submit is a good investment, as it is permanent and this is actually an investment not in some particular technology, e. g. submit, but in the key principle (that content is a king). Today article marketing is a hot topic, I don’t know if it will be hot tomorrow, but I know that unique and interesting content will work for you always.

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