Email Marketing - The Critical First Step In Developing A Relationship With Subscribers


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The old saying goes, “You only have one chance to make a first impression. ” This is especially true in email marketing since you don’t have the convenience of a face-to-face interaction with your readers. It is absolutely vital that you make your first email distinct and attractive so your readers will be eager to open any further emails you send them.

Remember, you’re trying to develop a long-lasting relationship with your subscribers, so you don’t want to screw this up.

Always Exceed Your Subscriber’s Expectations

You usually offer some sort of incentive to encourage visitors to sign up to your mailing list. This incentive often consists of a free report, a mini-course, a downloadable ebook, etc… As always, you should include a link to the download page for the sign-up bonus in your welcome email, but you should also include something extra.

Include another bonus, one you did not mention on the sign-up page, which compliments the original incentive. You can say something like, “To show you my appreciation for subscribing to my newsletter, I’ve included an additional bonus I feel you will find very helpful…”

They will not expect this and it will likely achieve an increase in their opinion of you – creating that vital first step in developing a relationship where your subscribers value reading your emails.

Do Not Try To Sell Something Right Away – Be Patient

One of the biggest turn-offs for many subscribers of a new mailing list is to have the sender immediately try to sell something.

Your first email (and even the several following emails) should NOT try to sell anything. You should concentrate on developing a relationship by giving valuable information or free resources.

Most readers won’t buy anything based on your recommendations until they trust your opinion; you can’t do that by sending promotional emails right away. Be patient. First, give the reader what they want, and then try sending a promotion. This will pay off more in the end because your conversions will be much higher.

Your first steps in developing a lasting relationship with new subscribers are critical. Give valuable information and always aim to exceed their expectations. Only after they trust your opinion will they have the potential to become profitable customers.

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Email Marketing – How to Gain Subscribers' Trust So They Buy More
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