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There are times when we need not to understand completely ‘how things work’ we just need to know the tasks they do. Like email delivery assurance system, it is not that necessary for you to fully understand how it works as long as you are aware that it can help in the online business you have. I’m afraid that still most email marketers fail to see the entire picture of online marketing. Though online promotion requires little time, several considerations should be taken into account in order to optimize this type of marketing strategy. It’s not enough to just send a newsletter or a promotion to your clients and prospects. Neither is it enough to just place anything you would want your readers to see whenever they open your email. You have to make sure that your emails are reaching the inbox and that readers are getting what they have opted in.

An email delivery assurance system suggests an improved email delivery. Well, your emails encounter a lot of obstacles which you might not be aware of. Due to heightened unsolicited commercial emails, commonly known as spam (spam are emails that have salacious contents or those that suggest violence), mail administrators and major ISP’s adopt several metrics to minimize if not totally eradicate the negative effect of spam. These ISP’s and mail administrators procure several blacklists and spam filters. Blacklists are list of known spammers and maintained by people who take effort to compile spam reports. Unfortunately not all spam reports are genuine; some users tend to report emails as spam because of the cluttering messages on their inbox or they just forgot that they have signed up for newsletters/updates. You need to know that when your domain gets on blacklists your emails get block.

The problem doesn’t end here. Another thing that hampers email delivery is spam/content filters. You might have a clean reputation, in that your domain is not on the blacklists, but still experiencing blocked email (the primary indicator of blocked emails is low-response rate from your clients). This problem is likely due to the fact that your message doesn’t land on inbox but on bulk/trash folders. Spam filters do vary in detecting spam but generally they check on the subject line, header and content of the message for words that are spammy. Once sufficient spammy words are generated your message will be flagged as spam. In addition, bear in mind that spam filters can be configured by the users. They can increase the security level, alter the whitelist and blacklist databases and a lot more.

You might be feeling discouraged because of the low ROI you are experiencing or you keep wondering if your emails are reaching your prospects’ inbox. I believe it’s time to drop those discouragements and wonderings and replace them with certainty. You can get assured of email delivery through an email delivery assurance system. I suggest you to have one.

Kindly check for more information about email delivery. Though I mentioned that it’s not all the necessary to know how things work, like how email delivery works, it is still an advantage if you know exactly how email delivery assurance system function.

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