Extracting Page Rank Data From Google May Get You Banned!


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You might already know that when you extract huge amounts of data through scripts on your website your IP-address might get blocked by Google. But, also occasional use of Google’s data may get you banned. Not banned by blocking your IP-address, but rather by graying out your Page Rank bar. Having a grayed out Page Rank bar means Google dislikes your page and it’s a way of showing one should not trust the content from your webpage.

So whenever your page is showing it’s Page Rank number somewhere on the page and it’s extracting this data from Google.com you may be confronted with a gray Page Rank bar. This could be devastating for a website as other webmasters would not want to risk linking to pages with a gray PR bar, because this could result in Page Rank loss. A page receiving a gray PR bar because of this reason will not be removed from the search index, but a gray Page Rank bar certainly doesn’t look good.

This probably doesn’t only happen with pages showing PageRank but with any page running a script that extracts data from Google.com on a frequent basis.

To prevent Google from graying out your homepage or any other important page I recommend you use a different page (that can loose PR) to extract data from Google and than load that data (like Page Rank data) into the page that can NOT afford to loose PR. Another option would be to use SlowSEO.com PageRank bar to display your pages Page Rank.

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Google Page Rank Is Dead - Or Is It? - Part I
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