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Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most profitable opportunities online if you apply the right methods. I have seen too many people fail due to applying the wrong techniques…wasting valuable time and money.

The internet provides thousands of ways to market your product or service globally. That is the beauty of online marketing…the power to reach an unlimited customer base 24 hours a day.

Unfortunately with the increase of people becoming affiliate marketers the old marketing methods are becoming saturated and do not produce the same result they once did such as classified ads.

Recently, I discovered a technique that was shown to me that has produced phenomenal results. If done RIGHT, you could see as high as 75% response! Image the impact that would have on your business.

I know you are excited to learn this amazing technique so let’s drive right into it.

Write an 8 – 10 page report about your product, service or affiliate program you are promoting. Market your website as a place to visit for additional information throughout your content. Make sure you provide good content that people will find valuable about your product or service. Your goal is to provide good content that creates interest so they will visit your website to get more information.

People are always searching for information…that is why you are reading this article now. If you provide good content that provides value, people will visit your website to get additional information. This has amazing results.

Once you have completed your report, begin marketing it to the world. Send it to your email list, everyone that has sent you offer’s, ezine authors, etc. offering your report for free to use as a bonus offer to their customers.

Another great technique is to create an email account for this report (i. e. and set your auto responder to include a short add offering your report for FREE. Then visit classified add sites and send people that are offering related services an email requesting information about their service. Once they send you an email they will receive an email from your auto responder with your add and your report. You will be amazed how well this technique works.

Image if someone uses your report that has an email list of 20,000 subscribers! Can you see how powerful this can become?

Within a week I began seeing a huge increase in traffic that has continued to increase week after week.

Place it on your website as a free download using the header “Get your FREE copy of this amazing report…for a limited time to the first 100 people”. Obviously you will not limit it to only 100 people but your headline will help drive excitement and persuade your prospects to download the report.

The key points to remember are provide content that adds value, create interest, provide links to your website as much as possible and send your report to everyone as a free report. If done right, you may not have to worry about traffic again.

Article written by Mike Ingles, publisher of Cracking the Affiliate Marketing Code, a 7 day course strictly about teaching powerful techniques to help online marketers transform their business. Get your FREE copy at:


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Free Technique That Generates Traffic
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