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eBooks with Giveaway Rights can, as the name suggests, be given away for free to anyone you like. For this reason, they are commonly referred to as “free ebooks. ” There are also many software products with giveaway rights. The vast majority of giveaway rights products won’t cost you a cent – they’re free to you as well as the people you give them to.

They’re free because the author’s website and affiliate links are embedded throughout the ebook. In other words, free ebooks are viral marketing tools. For these links to generate worthwhile sales and traffic, the ebook needs to reach as many people as possible. The best way to achieve this is for the author to give the ebook away for free and allow others to give it away too.

With this in mind, the majority of giveaway rights ebooks cannot be changed in any way – links and the URL must remain intact – and cannot be sold even if you think it “deserves” a dollar value.

So what’s in it for you?

Giveaway rights ebooks are free promotional tools that can help you achieve a variety of sales and marketing objectives. For instance “free ebooks” can be used to:

  • Build your opt-in list: use them as sign-up incentives
  • Boost sales: use them as free bonus products
  • Add appeal to your website and newsletter: add a “Free eBooks” section and mention it in your website/ezine promotions.
  • Get traffic: “free ebooks” is a popular search term.
  • Get targeted traffic: You can find free ebooks on everything from pet health to search engine optimisation (SEO) – and people are looking for them.
Sourcing free ebooks

Free ebooks are available from ebook websites. To download the ebooks you will usually have to become a free member of the ebook website or subscribe to their email newsletter.

The quality of ebook websites varies enormously. The better ebook membership sites will have a large collection – many hundreds – of free ebooks and regularly add new titles. Some will even email to let you know about “new arrivals. ” And if you like to find what you need fast, look for a well-organized site.

Quality counts

There are literally hundreds of giveaway rights ebooks to suit every market. The fact that they are free ebooks does not mean they are poor quality.

Savvy free ebook authors know that quality affects whether or not readers will click on the affiliate links or visit their site. A poor quality ebook is no recommendation to do either. However, not all authors are so savvy – there are “duds” as well as gems.

People won’t expect the world from a “free ebook” but the free ebooks you offer must reflect well on your business too. Take the time to check them out. As giveaway rights ebooks are free, it won’t cost a thing, or too much of your time.

Simply check out the table of contents and read at random. Consider your market’s skill and knowledge base – what may seem like old hat to you may be new and valuable for others. And don’t be misled by the number of pages. “Long” ebooks might have large writing and lots of white space, while short ones are jam-packed with great information.

If your business is in a fast-changing market – internet marketing, say – your customers will expect the latest information not last year’s tips and tricks. Run a quick search online using the title of the free ebook. The number of results will give you an idea of whether the ebook is hot off the press or has been around for some time.

Check the license

Finally, always read the giveaway rights ebook license. The “rules and regulations” governing the use of free ebooks are not written in stone. You may find that you have more or less freedom with a particular giveaway rights ebook than this article suggests. And you’re sure to have many creative ideas of your own for using giveaway rights ebooks to promote your business and products.

You might even consider writing your own free ebook containing your own links, and double up on the benefits that giveaway rights ebooks can bring to your business.

Copyright 2007 Caroline Mackenzie

Caroline’s site http://www.resale-rights-plus.com provides instant access to hundreds of Resale Rights, Master Resale Rights and Private Label Rights (PLR) products, with free membership and downloads.

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