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With the passage of time, the Email has become the most widely used internet facility and perhaps the most widely mistreated electronic medium as well. The most frequently used technique of email abuse is unquestionably unsolicited emails or spam. Each day we are delivered hundreds of these spam or commercial emails that need to be sorted out, taking our time. They also block the resources of our PC, email clients and eat up precious web space on POP accounts. The only way to get protected from this menace is to install an anti solution spam that will immediately provide you software spam protection and diligently prevent the spam mails from entering your email account.

Though it may seem to be a worry of little concern for the end users but if we take a bigger look at it, the results are astonishing. It is approximated by “The European Union's Internal Market Commission” that junk emails cost Internet users €10 billion per year world over in the year 2001. The California legislature found that spam cost United States organizations alone more than $10 billion in 2004. These costs are calculated on basis of lost productivity, additional equipment, software, and manpower needed to filter spam and maintain the anti solution spam industry. Imagine the cost today!

Email marketing is perhaps the commonly used methods of online advertising. Email marketing, which has become a billion dollar industry in itself, is based on the malevolent and unethical practice of retrieving email addresses from various sources through internet. The email marketers then blasts the unsolicited emails to these email addresses in bulk. It takes very little money to carry out an email marketing campaign and therefore spam has become a preferred way of online marketing. It is quite obvious that emails sent at bulks will be of no use for major portion of the receivers.

Most importantly these receivers are the victims of forced advertisement that take up their precious time and exploit their resources without any benefit to them. Therefore, if you want to keep your mail box clean and save your time from deleting each and every spam that you get, install anti solution spam that will effectively filter the spam messages and receive email that are of your use.

Anti spam appliances and firewall spam protections are also effective solutions for preventing the unsolicited emails. But they are mainly used by large corporations as these are relatively expensive methods and need dedicated maintenance. In case of personal computing, anti solution spam software is all that you need to get rid of spams.

Archana is the admin at Official Spam Filter and constantly writes to create awareness about Spam Mails .

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