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Did you know that dogs can put food on your table?

I'm not talking about teaching a dog to cook or set the table, nor am I setting you up for some tasteless joke about dining on household pets. This is about making money with a dog business-but one that does not require you to deal with actual, living animals in any way, shape or form. The business? Selling pictures of dogs to dog lovers and art collectors.

The best thing about this business is that you can find your stock-pictures of dogs-extremely cheaply, sometimes even for free. Then you sell them at a premium online, on eBay, for example.

Some people make a living selling prints, drawings and photographs that appear in old books bought at flea markets, from thrift stores or from online sellers. The astounding fact is, you can oftentimes sell a single image from an old book for many multiples of what it cost you to acquire the book. The trick is knowing how to target enthusiasts looking for the subject of a particular image.

Undeniably, one of the best-selling picture subjects is dogs. Some people like all kinds of dog pictures. Others like to collect pictures of one breed. For example, a fan of Labrador retrievers may have hundreds or even thousands of framed paintings and prints of Labs.

Many books about dogs were published in the 19th and early 20th centuries that contained gorgeous color plates of various breeds. Let's say you get hold of one of these books, and it contains 20 or 30 such plates. If you carefully remove the plates, and mat them individually, you may be able to sell them for upwards of fifty or a hundred dollars each on eBay. Do the math and you can see that you will pull in a lot more money than you would have by selling the book itself.

The most prized old dog prints are those that feature hunting dogs. But images of almost any kind of dog can be sold for a handsome profit on eBay.

Other popular subjects for this type of business include sailing ships, antique cars, pastoral scenes, world cities and horses, among others. To be successful, you should take the time to learn where to find old books with the images that are proven to sell. You should also learn how to remove the images to avoid damaging them, and how to mount them to attract the highest bidding when you list them on eBay.

If you're seeking a novel way to make money on the Internet, the dog may truly be your best friend.

H. Tim Sevets is books editor for the Solid Gold Info Writers Consortium , where he specializes in objective reviews of the top money-making reports available over the Web. Recently, he reviewed an e-book shows how to make money by tearing up old books and magazines and selling them on eBay. Read his opinion at http://www.solid-gold.info/tear-up-old-books-sell-ebay.html .


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