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Web Creation Videos - How to Set-Up and Run Your Own Mini-Site by Watching Web Marketing Videos

Uzo Onukwugha

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You can either take your web business by the horns watching web design videos or you can take what your web designer throws at you.

Imagine yourself successful with video tutorials in your web business. Use videos to get it right from the get go. Don’t go for generic websites—the kind of site every one and their dog have. This kind of website is all over the internet. Having that kind of web-site is a sure way to lose respect. Use web creation video tutorials to design your own customized website and take your business destiny in your own hands. Don’t rely on web designers or out-sourced web masters; you can become your own webmaster by watching web creation videos.

I wish I knew about video learning when I first started my online business. I would have saved myself energy, time and money. Not to talk of frustrations.

Watching, listening, learning and taking notes as you watch training videos is the way to go if you must design your own money-making mini-websites. All you need to do is to apply what you learn immediately after watching mini-site videos.

I did not realize the power of video tutorials until I struggled to put up my own mini-site. I have three unsuccessful sites until started to learn through video tutorials. Why didn’t I think about web creation videos in the first place? Does that sound familiar? You are not alone.

Yesterday, I was at Sitepoint, the website where web masters, web owners and web designers mingle and brainstorm web creation ideas. While there, I ran into a newbie who posted a question about how best to set-up and run her own website. The site moderators gave her every answer in the world except watching web creation videos. The moderators suggested all kinds of books and e-courses. None mentioned anything about watching web design videos. Why didn’t anybody think about video learning?

Video presentation is the natural way the brain process information and it is easy to miss. We have different kinds of videos playing in our minds all the time. I call this unconscious video programming. Our minds think in motion pictures (videos) in the direction of our most dominant and persistent thoughts. Narrated videos are better than reading books or listening to tapes on web design. Why is video a superior learning tool for acquiring web design skills?

The answer lies in how the human brain is wired. Because form follows function, the brain learns better and faster when processing information by audio-visual stimuli. “The soul cannot think without pictures, " says the Greek philosophers.

Even illustrated books cannot rival video learning. People don’t go to movies (a version of videos) to see posters; they go to motion pictures. Therefore, we want action and voice. Not only does movement generate pleasure, videos make the subject matter sink into our deeper minds where the gut, the will and creativity to make things happen reside. Thus video broadcasting is our natural way of learning. Watching design videos is my own version of NLP—normal learning process.

Don’t make the mistakes I made without web design videos. Before I learned through mini-site videos, I subscribed to many courses and red tons of books on website design. I still could not put it all together until I watched web creation videos. Reading e-books on web design is boring and you might become more dumb and more confused even after finishing your web design e-course. Researchers tell us that we retain 50% of what we hear and 80% of what we see. If we combine these two senses in narrated videos, our retention and recall jump to 90%. This is why watching web creation video is a better way you can learn web design skills.

Video learning is the wave of the future. If knowledge is power, video learning is the key. When you learn you achieve. When you learn, you achieve. When you learn, you succeed. You cannot earn until you learn. You cannot make money with your website without knowing how to set-up and run your own mini-site. Your webmaster can disappoint you when you need him most. Quick, step-by-step video learning teaches you the process one step at a time. You can pause the videos and take notes for clearer understanding.

Your understanding of web creation makes you outstanding. You must master the basics to achieve mastery in your web design. After all, your web-site is your store front and the attendant sales letter is your salesman in print. Therefore, mini-website design marketing video basics is your information resource if you want to create your own money-making mini-site.

Uzo Onukwugha tackles the basics of self-help website design. For more information on how to create your own money-making mini-sites, see:


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