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EBay. What A Great Idea. Why Didn't I Think Of That?

EBay is the result of a brilliant idea. In fact it has become a phenomenon. In many households the word “eBay" threads its way through common language.

"Hey Joe. How have you been? Sold anything on eBay lately?"

It has become a part of our culture because it gives so many people what they want. Whether you are on the buying or selling side of the street eBay has something for you. It is great for almost everyone.

But it is an especially good idea for eBay. Why? Because eBay does not do the hard work. You do. You are the one who. . .

  • finds the products
  • negotiates the price
  • stores inventory
  • takes care of the packaging and shipping
  • stands behind product quality

EBay supplies the internet traffic and receives a small fee for its efforts. Perhaps more importantly. . . eBay owns the traffic.

What If You Started Your Own Online Action?

What? Compete With EBay?

Absolutely not. Do not try to go head to head with eBay. But consider this. . . you are already doing the heavy lifting. You are already doing the hard part. What if you could own the internet traffic too? What if you could invest in your own business instead of eBay's?

How? Carve out a niche unique to you. Build an information rich website that gives people more than an opportunity to buy and sell.

The main commodity on the internet is information. That is why we surf the net. We want to know. By creating a content rich website you can become the expert that provides information for your target audience.

In fact, do more than become the expert. Share your knowledge friend-to-friend with others who have similar interests and passions. Since you have common interests you will be able to anticipate your visitor's wants, objections, and fears. As your traffic grows your readers will come to trust you more and more as an expert. They will become more inclined to follow your advice. And why shouldn't they? They trust you. They even like you.

Your website is not a sterile environment where things are bought and sold. It is more like a fraternity where people come together with a common interest. And part of this fraternity involves a place for your online auction where you specialize in products specific to your niche audience.

There is a much greater benefit to your customer. But there is also a greater benefit to you. You are no longer investing in another online auction company. You are investing in yours. It is your business. It is your online traffic. It is your niche. If someone wants to be a part of that niche they must come to you.

Of course having an auction is not your only opportunity. Once you own the niche (internet traffic) you can offer your customers other products and services. Anything useful to your visitors can become a part of your offering.

Perhaps you are happy with using eBay. But that is more like having an e-Job. Wouldn't it be better to own an e-Business?

Greg’s website is committed to helping ordinary people build successful web businesses. The internet provides great opportunities to those who desire to turn their passions into profitable niche websites.


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