How To Quickly Become A Trusted Seller On eBay


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The Fast Way To Become A Trusted eBay Seller

If you’re just starting out selling on eBay, you may find it tough to sell your products are decent prices, especially if you’re selling high priced items like electronics.

The problem is that when you’re a new seller is that you lack feedback, and a low or nonexistent feedback score is a red flag to any buyer that you might be a crook trying to scam them.

To make the problem even worse, there are some features that you can’t use on eBay until you get enough feedback.

So what’s a person to do? Well, if you’re serious about selling on eBay, then you’ll embark on what I like to call a Fast Feedback Campaign.

You’re going to want to budget about $50-$100 to start buying small items, like $.99 reports, CDs, or other low priced items. Try to buy at least 20 different items, and try to find items that you can either resell (even if you lose money on it – that’s okay), or buy cheap reports that teach you how to make more money on eBay.

Make sure that you pay promptly for everything. Within just a few days, you’ll have built your feedback score up from nearly nothing to just a small but less suspicious looking number.

However, you’re still not out of the woods yet. After all, some savvy buyers will notice that all your feedback is from buying items, not selling, so they might still be suspicious of you and will be reluctant to trust you. Your next step is to start selling items, but don’t start out with high priced items. If you can get your hands on cheap items that you can sell on eBay (try to at least break even, but a small loss is okay – this is still feedback building), such as CDs or books, do it and start selling cheap items on eBay. Sell these items as quickly as possible so that you can get your feedback built up. Once you have your feedback score up above fifty (you’ll need to sell more than fifty items to get to this number as not all buyers leave feedback), and when people look at your feedback, they see that you already have satisfied customers, they won’t be reluctant to purchase from you anymore.

If you’ve done a really good job of pleasing your customers, you may make it more likely that your customers will purchase from you than someone who has a higher feedback score but also has some negative remarks in their score.

Remember that good feedback becomes especially important the higher the cost of your items. People are far more likely to take a chance buying a DVD for $10 from a low feedback seller than they are to buy a $1300 video camera.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have not trouble building up trust with your potential customers right from the start.

Gary Ruplinger is a former eBay Powerseller who shares his tips and advice from his days of selling on eBay at To get more tips on how to make money on eBay , get the free report offered on his site.


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