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Drop Shipping Information - How to Avoid Middlemen Drop Shippers


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What is Drop Shipping?
First of all drop shipping is a very easy way to earn extra money without having to spend a lot of time working at it. With drop shipping, people can sell products online with their website or most popular on eBay without having to carry any inventory or ship any products. Drop shipping allows people to simply place ads and pictures copied from the dropshipper on their website or ebay and collect money from the buyer before they purchase the product from the dropshipper. There's nothing to hassle with carrying the inventory, packing the product, or shipping anything. Below is an illustration of the overall drop shipping process.

How to Make Money with Drop Shipping
Since drop shipping is so easy, it has grown to be a big business over the last couple of years. However, this opens the door for more people to be scammed by fake dropshippers or middlemen. The only way to make a profit on the products are to buy them at wholesale and sell them for retail. This requires you to purchase them directly from a true wholesaler that will dropship for you. There are many people that claim to be dropshippers when they are really middlemen buying from the wholesaler and turning around and selling directly to you for more, thus decreasing your profit.

Beware of Middlemen
As mentioned above, there are many people claiming to be dropshippers, but they simply buy directly from the wholesaler that may not dropship their products, but the middleman will purchase them in bulk and then dropship for you. So how can you tell if someone is a middleman? It may be difficult to figure this out, but most true dropshippers will not advertise themselves on the Internet. The true wholesalers don't need to advertise anywhere because they already have an established business with many big and repeat customers that they rely on. The dropshippers or sites that you see advertised on the Internet are most likely the middlemen trying to get you to purchase products at inflated wholesale prices.

drop shipping Secrets & How to Find Real Sources
This can be a challenging task of trying to find legitimate wholesale dropshippers and once you find a good one, you won't want to share this with anyone. That's why so many people who make money with dropshipping succeed, because the sources don't advertise and they will not give their information to anyone. The secrets to dropshipping are that most true wholesalers will dropship their products, but may add an extra service fee to do so. This fee is usually minimal of anywhere from 50 cents to 2 dollars, but is worth the money to not have to worry about carrying the inventory or shipping the product yourself. Usually wholesalers are very big companies and have thousands and thousands of products so they will most likely be able to dropship their products for you. Stay away from dropshippers that only have less than 100 products as these are either start up companies that probably don't have purchasing power to give you good prices or are simply middlemen buying certain products from wholesalers.

The key to finding the real sources is by doing research on and offline. It can take you weeks or even months to find some good sources, however once you obtain them, the profits will be rewarding. A real good source at finding some sources and if they are legit is by going to dropshipping forums and interact with other individuals that may have tips on good dropshippers and ones to avoid. There are also services that have spent all the time and money for you in finding quality wholesale dropshippers. Finally, going to trade shows can hook you up with some real suppliers that offer wholesale pricing. The downside is that many may not dropship for you.

So its up to you to avoid being scammed by middlemen, do your research and you can profit big with dropshipping just like many others are doing today with their own website and on eBay. If you join with us, we've done all the work for you. We've searched through thousands of “so called" wholesale dropshippers, weeded out the middlemen, and rated the actual wholesalers all in our members database.

Learn how to start drop shipping today and make money selling products on eBay, your website, or a FREE website stocked with thousands of drop shipped products!


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