5 Ways Cyberspace Business Owners and Online Auction Sellers Protect Their Businesses

Lori Wilk

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Let's look at five areas of concern for cyberspace business owners and online auction sellers. First is the number of web sites they operate and domain names. To protect yourself with a problem from any individual site whether it's down or operating or having a technical glitch, cyber space business owners will have multiple domain names and multiple sites operating. They diversity their business locations in cyberspace just as retail stores in the real world will have multiple locations, some stores will be more successful than others and that includes online.

Second, it follows that with multiple domain names and sites, the strategic planned online business owner will have multiple e-mail addresses for contact and can use the e-mail addresses to identify more clearly the sources of his business revenue.

Third, to strategically plan a successful online business will involve a variety of. products. Fourth, offer a variety of services. Think of the times when you go to restaurants, which menus do you find impressive? Do you like more choices or fewer? Some people will argue with me and say they want to focus on one site with only one e-mail address and only one source of collecting money. That's fine, strategic planning for your cyberspace business will allow you to continue operating if you have problems in any one of the parts of your business that will impact your operation , making, and collecting money.

Many people have told me that if their auctions are shut down or not up because of technical issues on a site, they have a delay in making and collecting their money. The best way, my fifth issue is to structure a variety of sources for collecting revenue on the sites. If there are many ways you can get paid, you will have more options if there's a problem with any of your sites or technical difficulties. It's easier to set up the business with options and flexibility from the beginning with some strategic planning and insight than to suffer the frustration later when you can't do business and you don't how to collect your money.

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