Some Of The Most Overlooked Ways To Find Great Bargains On Ebay!


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One of the best ways to find bargains on eBay is to know what items are hard to sell. These relatively hard to sell items on eBay can often be picked up at deep discounts, So by knowing what items are hard to sell, you might be able to pick up some really good deals.

No brand name can potentially mean a bargain. There are thousands of items on eBay. Therefore when people search for items to buy, most people will search for items by a brand name. If the item does not have a strong brand name or no brand name at all, you can potentially pick up a bargain.

Here are some items that are often sold without a band name:

Art Work by unknown artists - You can pick up some great deals, and beautiful pieces on unknown artists. Everything from water color, oil paintings, charcoal drawings and more. We at have picked up a lot of great charcoal drawings and paintings

Many home decor items do not have a strong brand association such as lamps, light fixtures, door knobs etc.

Unbranded Attaché Cases or briefcases or purses

Costume Jewelry

Another place to look for bargains are for items that are out of season, for example: fur coats, Christmas items, and skis that are sold in the summer. Use this same logic when looking for stuff in the winter time such as weed whackers, and pool accessories.

Items that have a larger supply and not as much demand. For example Wedding Dresses, Beanie Babies and many books can be picked up inexpensively.

Older Technology - VCRs, records, tapes and even CDs. You can pick up a VCR for a great deal and can also buy a huge amount of cheap movies at a great deal.

Misspellings - Search for misspellings of items because they likely will not have as many bids due to the misspelling in the title. For example, if you are searching for Renaissance Plates, try renasance plates and other misspellings. Other commonly misspelled words include: jewelry and collectible. In addition many brand names are easy to spell wrong like Bosch. Even seasoned eBayers will misspell items frequently.

If you mostly sell on eBay use this information to avoid letting your stuff go at a deep discount

By Stan Brodka
Discover eBay selling tips and secrets at as well as advice on how to buy and avoid fraud. What you don’t know can cost you money.


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