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Recording your audio is just about like using a cassette tape recorder. There should be a red record button and play, forward, and rewind buttons like you have been used too seeing for years.

Most of the software recording programs works about the same way. The look may be slightly different in each program but most of the basic functions should be similar.

If you are using Audacity there are tutorials all over the Internet. Go to your search engine of choice and type in free Audacity tutorials and you should find an abundance of tutorials to help you along.

Here are some tips to help you create a professional recording.

Try not to get too nervous, it is natural to be somewhat uptight but be as calm as you possibly can.

If you make a mistake don’t stop, you can edit out your mistakes when you edit your recording.

Focus your speaking on getting your listeners attention; you have one shot to get your message across.

Print and read your copy before you hit the record button

Make a test recording, don’t worry about any mistakes

Listen to your recording and decide what sounds good and what does not. Rewrite your copy using your test recording as a guide.

Rerecord your audio using your improved copy.

Listen to the recording and make sure it has the feel you are looking for.

Recording your own audio on your computer is not nearly as hard as you may think. The main thing is to take action. As long as you are moving forward toward your recording goal it will happen.

Doug Taylor has been creating audio online since 1999. If you think that putting audio files on a website will be a lot of hard work and hassle then download a free 16 page special report Mastering Streaming Audio . Visit for streaming audio tips, tricks, shortcuts, and techniques.


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