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Each person's Average monthly commission check will ONLY be $9.00 no matter if you have a million affiliates beneath you. Let me explain how:

1: You ONLY earn commission on each Executive Affiliate beneath you, NOT each affiliate. Therefore, you can have a MILLION affiliates beneath you and only 100 might be Executive Affiliates.

2. Next, to maintain Executive Affiliate status you must maintain 10 SVP OR 10 “Sales Volume Points".

3. Let say 100 Executive Affiliates beneath you purchased the Affiliate Mastery course that pays $20.00 CV or commission.

4. Now, its time to pay close attention, read below to see exactly how they arrive at the amount of commission you are paid (SKIP to #5 if you just want to get straight to the point).

"Question: How much can I earn on the affiliates that are being placed under me in the Powerline?

Answer: For every purchase and sale generated by affiliates who are under you in the Powerline, 45% of the total CV (Commission Volume) is put into the Executive Bonus pool. Provided you are an Executive Affiliate, your share of this pool will be the total revenue divided by the number of Executive Affiliates below you in the Powerline. The first month average is typically more than $9.00. As the Powerline under you grows and more and more retail sales are generated each month, this amount can increase. In other words, the bigger SFI gets, the bigger your commission can get. See Comp Plan for more details HERE. "

5. Time to break this down in layman's terms, because it can be a tad bit confusing trying to figure out how SFI's Powerline Compensation plan actually works.

The Math Behind The Number:

100 EA's beneath you

Each generating $20.00 commission = 100 times $20.00

Grand Total= $2000.00

Sounds Great, Right??? WRONG, just keep reading.

45% of $2,000, which is the total CV (Commission Volume) goes back into the Executive Bonus pool.

45% of $2,000 = $900.00 (BIG money for you, Right??? WRONG AGAIN, just keep reading.

This $900.00 must then be spilt amongst all the Executive Affiliates beneath you.

Here is the Best PART, GET READY TO BE Wowed!!!

$900 / 100 = A Whopping $9.00 CV or commission check EACH Month for YOU.

(This will be the amount of your commission check each month, sorry to disappoint all of the expecting millionaires)

There you have it, the Truth behind the SFI Powerline.

Unfortunately, the bottom line never changes no matter how many Executive Affiliates you have beneath you because the Executive Bonus pool is always being split equally. Therefore, since each Executive Affiliate is generating an average commission of $9.00 after the 45% is put into the Executive Bonus pool, each Executive Affiliate's commission check will only be approximately $9.00.

On the Brighter side of things, you can become a millionaire from SFI by recruiting Executive Affiliates and Selling Products.

The old Saying holds true, “Nothing in Life is Free, you must work hard for everything you earn, " but in the end the payoff can be great!

TRUTH: The only way to earn SIX Figures a year with SFI and start earning Residual Income is to Recruit Executive Affiliates or sell many of their products.

LaShanda Pollard is Web Entrepreneur and maintains the website http://the-sfi-powerline.blogspot.com


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