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Make Money Selling Information Products On eBay


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At some point, you may have bumped into an auction on eBay where the seller was exchanging a downloadable product for cash. You probably wondered why the seller was offering the product for such a low price and you probably also wondered how the seller was making any money.

There are two answers to this question: the first answer is that the seller had no idea what they were doing and, in fact, wasn't making any money at all on eBay.

The second answer is that the seller was highly-experienced and was making hundreds of pounds each day, even though his auctions were only showing sales at £0.99.

This sounds totally bizarre, especially if you haven't sold information before, but it is absolutely true: there is a fortune to be made by selling information - especially on the Internet.

Now, in the case of the eBay seller mentioned above, they may have also been using information products as a “loss leader" to make back-end sales. They might sell 10 copies of an e-book for £0.99 each and might end up making a very small profit or just breaking even when it comes to cost of e-book v eBay fees.

But they know this - that’s the clever part! They know this is okay because they now have 10 highly-qualified prospects for whatever product they are using the e-book to sell.

If the e-book is about teaching people how to make money selling on the Internet, they might list purchasing a domain name and hosting as one of the steps the buyer must take. To the buyer, this may seem innocent enough; however, when they follow the plan and purchase the hosting and domain name as directed, the seller will earn a commission on the domain name registration and a recurring commission on the hosting for as long as the buyer’s Internet business sticks around.

If you want to try this system out, you can search Google for “re-brandable" e-books with “resale rights. " You can also search eBay for similar products. A number of people make money on eBay selling these e-books.

If the rights permit, you can purchase the product and then sell it as a downloadable product on eBay.

If you want to maximize the effectiveness of this strategy, you should keep prices fairly low. Your goal should be to use eBay as a medium to disseminate the book for free or for a very low price. Unless you are selling a book that contains no back-end sales mechanisms and no affiliate links, your goal should be to sell a powerful system (contained within the book) to a customer who will use it successfully to make money - and, in turn, earn you a residual income by sticking to a system that earns you money.

Mary Gallivan is the Owner of Ebony Books website Sign up for a F*R*E*E newsletter and receive some F*R*E*E* e-books. Get notified of new products, bonus items, and all the helpful advice we can offer to help you sell e-books on eBay and from your own website! Please do so now by visiting: Mary is a also a Powerseller on eBay. Visit her eBay store at


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