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Kelly Stone

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“I just don’t know how to write. ” Is the most common statement that comes my way. My reply is this “You just spoke didn’t you?” I know I run the risk of offending people, but it really is true.

If you can string together a sentence, writing it down is no different. I place quite a lot of emphasis on this in Easy eBook Creation, I even dedicate a whole chapter to it!

You see, the idea that ‘everyone has a book within them’ gets brushed under the carpet when you ask someone to start writing. I’m not asking anyone to generate the next instalment of War & Peace, just put together a few sentences.

Creating these sentences you can soon start to get the ‘flow’ going. The next thing you know you have filled the page. Not long after that and you have filled four. Next the chapter is complete.

By sitting down and simply ‘speaking’ to a friend about everyday life can help you immensely when you are thinking about starting your writing career. If you take that conversation and write it down you would have your ebook created in no time at all.

It really doesn’t have to be two hundred pages long. It just needs to state the facts. Filling pages and pages with waffle will soon turn people off and they will either start skipping sections or just close the ebook down completely. If you can keep your pages to the point and full of the information that they want and need you are onto a real winner.

Writing does not need to be a task. If you know the subject you are writing about it should soon turn to a pleasure. Enjoy the process, look forward to writing and it will soon reward you in return.

To recap. Imagine that you are sitting with a close friend talking about the subject. By just writing in a conversational tone the pages will soon get filled. Make sure that you have done your homework on your subject, knowing what you are talking about will fill you full of confidence. Start to enjoy the process, don’t worry about it. The more you enjoy it, the more you will want to do it!

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Copywriting Success: If You Can Write A Letter, You Can Write Copy
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