So What Do You Think You Are Good At?

Kelly Stone

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I know that I keep banging on about having your own product, but it really is that important. Think about what the ‘gurus’ have in common, they all have their own product.

What’s your day job or hobby? Think about this for a few minutes. You do not need to be an expert in what you do, you just need to know how to do something. I always refer to my Father-in-Law, he is a DIY fanatic. I on the other hand know nothing about it. So if my Father in Law can explain to me in simple steps how to put up a shelf then his information has just become priceless to me if I am looking to find out how.

It’s all about catering to the demand. Find something that has followers, a group of people and then work out what their problem is. If you can find the problem you can normally work out what the solution is. Once you have done this you are half way there.

Trying to reinvent the wheel again is all well and good, but sometimes it can be the simple things that matter. Think about what you are good at – not everyone has your knowledge.

Perhaps you are a book-keeper in your 9-5. What are the 10 biggest mistakes that people make? The fact is that you probably know the answers, others, myself included, don’t!

We all know things that others don’t. It’s all about identifying the problems and offering solutions. People love to find information that can change their lives, money problems or health. So go on – what are your hobbies?

Take some time to see what YOUR strengths and weaknesses are. Is some of your information outdated or forgotten? How easily will it be for you to become up to date? Is there a demand for your knowledge?

Making sure that people actually need your information is something that you need to do. If you spend the next seven days churning out a great ebook only to find that you have no one to purchase it, well, I’m sure that you would be a little disappointed. Do your research FIRST. So long as you do it right there wont be a problem.

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