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Audio Books - Let Me Explain To You How You Can Gain Back Your Time By Listening To Audio Books


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What you are about to discover will benefit you greatly so let me explain to you how you can gain back your time by listening to audio books.

I love books and have been reading since I was a child. Reading was fun to me. It was something I would do, not because I had to get good grades in school, but because I just loved to. No doubt about it.

But let me tell you about my life before and after I discovered audio books and find out how I gained hours by listening to audio books. I hope to give you the solution you have been searching for.

The most important thing to consider: I am a book lover. As you would expect, I carried this love for books into my adulthood. To tell you how serious this passion is, I started my own bookstore last year.

Before I started my own business I worked long hours at my job ………. I got a promotion……. . and didn’t had any spare time left. Before the promotion I started one hour before everyone else, and left two or more hours AFTER everyone else had left the office. Afterwards………… you don’t want to know.

And those extra hours I had to spend at the office were the hours I used to spend reading books on motivations and inspirations - all going down the drain. I was in a great dilemma about what to do. I was still battling for a way out when I discovered audio books!

Six weeks after my first contact with audio books, my dilemma has ended. Not only had I gained in some of the extra hours taken by my job, I also had added countless other hours to my workability because of audio books.


I started with a 2 hour value of books every morning before I went to work.

1. During the 1 hour it normally takes me to prepare for work, I listened to an audio book.

2. During the 1 hour or so it took me to drive to and from work, I listened to an audio book.

And as a extra bonus, during the 1 hour or so I spend to have lunch and crash times, I listened to an audio book.

Total number gained by listening to audio books: 3 incredibly educative hours in the mornings and afternoons.

That turned me into a audio book lover instead of a book lover and when I got the opportunity to open my own bookstore I did. I left my job and jumped into the world of downloadable audio books. . . isn't that great?

If you have similar (lack of time) problems to me, you can gain back your time by taking advantage of the amazing world of audio books.

The fact that most of the best-selling titles now come in downloadable audio book format makes it far more interesting.

Taking this all into consideration, why not solve your problem today? Go online and scour for the audio book version of that book you have been dying to read or grab yourself a free audiobook to see what it is.


The writer, Mirella Wouters, loves books and the moment she got the opportunity she started At this moment the store already offers more then 5.000 downloadable unabridged audio books in all categories.

On a daily bases new titles are added and special offers with large discounts as well as free audio books are available every month. Audio samples, author-, narrator- and publisher information and book reviews available.


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