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Baby Boomers - You Have All the Information You need to Write Your Ebooks

Consuelo Meux

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Baby boomers, are you ready to write your eBook? Maybe you don’t know what topic to use. Well, don’t think too hard, you already have as much information as you need to get your first eBook written. It’s all in your head because it’s your personal stories.

Baby boomers have lived through some of the most exciting times in history. Born between the years of 1946 to 1964, Boomers have witnessed the Vietnam War, Civil Rights Movement, Assassinations of President Kennedy, his brother Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. The world was affected by the events of these years. Boomers lived them.

Why not take your experiences turn them into an eBook? If you are starting or have an online business, you want to show your expertise in your field. You might struggle to come up with ideas to write about. But using your personal experiences and memories can be the framework of your first eBook. You can give this information away on your site or sell it for an appropriate price. Take a look at how easy it would be to put your personal experiences or memoirs in an ebook.

Writing an eBook has great benefits for online business professionals. Becoming an author gives you credibility and respect in your field. Your eBook also lets you give current and potential clients an example of your expertise. Since writing an eBook is actually not very difficult, why not take advantage of this media to promote your online business? You could have your first eBook outlined and ready to write in a very short time when you follow these suggestions.

1. List Your Favorite Memories
Sit down and recall a series of at least 10 of your favorite memories over the years. You will probably find that you have a book full of topics to write about. Don’t let that overwhelm you. It’s not necessary to write every detail or every line from your life. You are not doing an autobiography, you just want to create a few memoirs and make them real to others.

2. Expand on the Memoirs You Select
Think of at least 5 to 10 things about each of the memories you wrote that were significant to you. Turn those into another list. Now look at this list. As you review the list, think about what lessons you learned from each situation. Write notes about the lessons, insights, benefits of that experience. Now, begin to consider how what you wrote could become a lesson of value for others.

3. Fill in the Details
It’s time to fill in the information. You don’t have to get too personal or intense with this writing. You can put it in any form that you like; poetry, essay, lists, anything. Continue to write like this using all 10 memories ideas creating detailed information for each of the 10 memories.

4. Complete Your First Draft
When you finish this list writing you should have at least 10 pages. Add a title page, table of contents, dedication and introduction and you have created at least a 14 to 15 page mini-eBook.

5. Do the Editing
Put your writing aside for a few days. When you come back to it, read through it and do some editing. You will think of additional information to add and some to delete. Find a trusted friend to read through your ebook to see if your writing is clear to another person.

6. Learn to Convert Into an Ebook
Get online to find support for how to convert your writing into a PDF format. Then you can distribute your book through your own website, blog, or through other Internet ebook outlets.

As you can see, you don’t have to think too hard to create an eBook. Just remember your life experiences. Learn to focus your writing so it speaks to others and you can write one, two or a dozen eBooks fast and easy.

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