Dabbler-Apprentice and Master Affiliates-The Ranks of Affiliate Marketing Revealed

James Orr

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Are you a jack of all trades and master of none? Are you good at a lot of things, but have never taken the time to truly master just one thing? Well, join the club.

Internet marketers and affiliates more so than a lot of other groups tend to be very good at a lot of things and masters of very few.

You should consider changing that. Here's why. . .

Dabbler Affiliates

When preparing the affiliate program for LearnToBeRich.com (a company that provides educational material, tools and training aids for all types of investing and business and personal growth and development), we found that there are really 3 types of affiliates.

The first type are the Dabblers. You know them because they've joined your affiliate program (and everyone else's). They sign up for everything (especially if its free) and might even do some very small promotion.

Don't get me wrong, they mean well. If you confront them, they'll tell you how they plan on doing this and that. Later on you'll find out that they signed up for 37 other affiliate programs instead of actually doing work on one.

Dabblers, do a little, expect a lot and are often disappointed at how the program failed them. They are still searching for an affiliate program that works and their income reflects this.

Apprentice Affiliates

Apprentice Affiliates take it a step farther. . . they might actually promote the program, a little. I find myself falling into this category often.

I find myself becoming an affiliate, doing some promotion, finding success, but never taking it to the mastery level. These affiliates make money; some even a liveable wage, but they're not the top earners.

Master Affiliates

Now, Master Affiliates really know what needs to be done. They're focused. They take action AND follow through to get it done.

They've joined one to a few affiliate programs and are very knowledgeable about them.

They've tried exactly what the program suggests. They've experiemented with variations on the suggestions of the program and found improvements and what does not work AND learned from these lessons.

They are top earners in their affiliate programs and for a reason. They're Master Affiliates.

So, which type of affiliate are you?

If you want to be Dabbler, that's fine. It is your choice. Just keep searching without actually applying what you learn or follow the plan for what you sign up for.

If you want to be an Apprentice, OK. Again, its up to you. . . just sort of do what the affiliate program coordinator suggests. Do not experiment and test and find improvements and what does and doesn't work. Assume, nothing really works and act accordingly. Be surprised when you make a little money and scoff it off as luck.

But if you want to be a Master Affiliate, then step up. Take chage and go for it. Fortune favors the bold. That's who you are, Master Affiliate.

James Orr is a professional real estate investor and marketer. To get more information about the LearnToBeRich.com Affiliate Program and James Orr's marketing blog with a plan for affiliates, check out:



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Affiliates, MOST Important Strategy of Affiliate Marketing
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