Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing Programs


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Affiliate programs are companies that pay you a commission when you help them sell their products. You can learn how to easily sell products online that people already want to buy by using any or (most profitably perhaps) all of the following easy to learn methods of Internet marketing:

  • Creating niche affiliate websites that attract free search engine traffic
  • Using Pay-Per-Click marketing like Googles Adwords system
  • Promoting offline by telling your friends, family, and co-workers
Since this article is mainly about introducing you to affiliate marketing, the best way to make a lot of money online is by creating and duplicating niche websites. These are focused websites where you sell a particular product that matches a niche, or audience (such as people wanting to lose weight), and you sell the product under an affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing is a coin with two individually beneficial sides. On one side, you can sell a product someone really needs, and this transaction will mean that you will have no paperwork or shipping to deal with, and you get a nice commission from the affiliate marketing program.

The flip side is that affiliate program gets a new customer who may purchase again and again and did not have to spend any money on marketing the product, except for when you actually sell it; this is also called performance based marketing. Billions of dollars a year are made by companies branching into Internet marketing, and they are doing it with affiliate programs.

The best affiliate programs, by the way, will pay you for the repeat sales from the customer that YOU originally brought them. This is also what the rich call residual income, and residual income should be something you think about when choosing a product to work with. For example, a skin care product would be likely to yield profits again and again as people want to keep using the product to keep their skin clean month after month.

To most effectively promote a product in an affiliate program, the first thing you should do is think of a product you know something about, or are interested in. You should then focus your energy on creating specific niche websites around the topic so you can grow your standing as an expert. Your reputation will help you make more sales.

To create a niche market you create a website with content you either write yourself or outsource, and this website should deal with only a specific, targeted, individual aspect of a larger niche market, such as weight loss (which is very competitive at that level).

Let me explain. If you choose niche markets where there is low competition by other websites for the keywords you base YOUR site on, but there is high search volume, you are almost there. Just use the general niche product and match the product up to the content needs of the people looking for that type of information, and you are practically guaranteed to make money.

This process of selecting niches works better when you find a product you are interested in selling, and working in one niche at a time, such as weight loss. Do not lose track of your goals by constantly trying to find an easier route to riches. Internet marketing takes some time to get up and running but rest assured as you CAN see results.

What you need to do is find the best affiliate programs that sell different products in difference categories or niches to help you make the most money with their program. They should offer you lots of tools, advice, and information about their products, such as articles to use on your sites. Some programs even offer a forum so you can learn from other marketers about what works.

But regardless of how you do it, affiliate marketing is where the biggest money can be earned online. It all boils down to building your own websites around a product, and get traffic to your sites.

The best affiliate programs offer you great support whether you are a beginner or an expert. Compare the top 3 best affiliate marketing programs that will provide you with a massive array of tools and expert advice that will help you make big money online month after month.


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