Internet And Affilliate Marketing-What is Hype What is True?


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I am writing this article as a sort of primer because some of my friends and colleagues are interested in trying online marketing. Because of the flood of info all over the internet i thought I would give some advise peppered with warnings. I myself started a internet marketing a little over a year ago, and hence friends look to me for a some advice on how to get going.

I’m not a professional writer or marketing guru, just a damn good Financial advisor trying other ways to market myself and my practice. I found that most so called tools on the internet all cost quite a bit of money,

I would counsel you to do your own due diligence and research ahead of buying tools that may catch your eye, I am a sucker for good ad copy. The best immediate advise for the newbie is to start slow, don’t go all out and purchase all the latest greatest tools before you start making money. This is not a get rich quick path but a get poor quick assurance.

You need to be patient and realistic and set attainable small but incremental goals. Systems like AdWords and others will “usually” not make you enough money to buy a new home on the beach or that fancy sports car, but You can make a large amount of money with online marketing if you are smart, patient and focused. . But realize you are not the only one doing this in a very competitive market. It is a challenge to say the least, I have sure learned that over the last year.

Keep a vigilant eye on your expenses. Google, ClickBank and Commission-Junction allow you to assert a good level of control, but realize it’s your money and your responsibility. I burned through $246.00 in 3 days on a not so well thought out PSP download campaign.

My Recommendations: Ask yourself these questions learn about these subjects

  1. Internet & Affiliate Marketing basics
  2. How Do Affiliate Programs Work?
  3. Affiliating vs. Reselling.
  4. Overview of the business-building process.
  5. Know your Basic Business Expenses
  6. Do I Really Need My Own Web Site?
  7. Success = 90% planning + 10% execution.
  8. How to Write Compelling Product Endorsements.
  9. Learn the Art of Copywriting.
  10. Manage & grow your business
  11. Get & Stay Organized
  12. Research profitable topics
  13. Brainstorm Your Best Niche.
  14. Does My Idea Have Profit Potential.
  15. How Many Competitors Will You Have?
  16. WHO are Your Competitors?
  17. Still More Market Research Tools.
  18. Profit Potential: Let’s Do the Math.
  19. Commission Junction: My Favorite Affiliate Network.
  20. How to choose products & Affiliate programs
  21. Google Adsense: Is it a Lucrative Alternative to Product Sales.
  22. Should I Plan and build my site
  23. Have Regular Tasks.
  24. Do it Daily.
  25. Monthly Tasks.
  26. Quarterly Tasks.
  27. Yearly Tasks.
  28. How Many Competitors Will You Have?
  29. How to Get & Stay Organized.
  30. Join Forums: Participate & Learn.

If you find yourself wanting to buy some tools or books that you have seen around. Please be careful and do your research. You can even email me with questions if you would like some non biased advice, as I probably own or know about many of the products out there. Hope this helps you in your quest to become a savvy internet marketer.

Thanks for reading my article. my name is Tom and I am a Financial Advisor (stock broker) with a large east coast wirehouse. I am a married father of 4, ages 19,11,6, and 19 months. I am very interested theology, internet marketing, health & Fitness and Finance for more information


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True Internet Marketing Success Requires Continuous Conversion Rate Testing
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