6 Affiliate Tips For Training Your Affiliates To Make Better Sales

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Are you gathering a group of affiliates to help you market your products? Then perhaps you are looking for affiliate tips on how to train your affiliates to bring in more sales for you. Give them the right motivation and you are well on your way to passive income flowing into your pocket every month. Let us look at 6 affiliate tips where you can up your profits by training your affiliates the right way.

The first tip I would suggest is tell your affiliates to give away dozens of bonuses when marketing your product. For instance, if your product is an Internet marketing product, they can purchase master resale rights to dozens of good software programs and ebooks and give them away as a bonus bundle to go along with your product, giving them a competitive edge.

Secondly, create an autoresponder series for your affiliates. Sales pages are notoriously bad converters without additional help. However, if you give your affiliates a 5-day autoresponder series with good material that will act as a reasonable upseller, you will increase how productive their efforts are, rewarding both them and you.

The third tip is to create samples for your affiliates, so they have something to give to prospective customers. For example, if you are selling a video product, take clips from the video, and for audio product, do the same thing. For software, you may want to create a demo version. By allowing your affiliates to distribute these demos and sample products will increase their conversion rates.

You do not always need to treat your affiliates as only a worker. The fourth affiliate tip is to treat them like a partner rather than a worker. Always offer special deals to your partners. For instance, if you want to get someone to become an affiliate for your business, joint venture with them and offer to let them earn full commissions on the product. This is always a good business move in the long run, as they will be more likely to work with you in the future and it will associate your name with theirs.

If you are close with all of your major affiliates, then the last marketing tip I would recommend to you is to consider purchasing your own affiliate program software. To begin with, this will allow you to make immediate electronic payments to your affiliates, which is a significant bonus for them. Additionally, it will allow you to skip the 2 to 3 week period between closing sales and getting your check.

If you are one of those who rely on clickbank to help you make sales every month, you should be concern on how to motivate those who market your product, as your income stream is very dependent on them. So grab these marketing tips and apply them in your business now to create a group of affiliates that will assure you of profit in the long run.

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