Creating Residual Wealth - Is an Online Business in Your Future?

Richard Norris

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Are you ready to begin your journey in an online business? So many people have made a considerable amount of money with an online business, even creating residual wealth. Is it not time for you to get a piece of that too?

Affiliate Programs –

You can make money online by selling other people’s products! It is a great way to make money online, because you can work from home, you don’t need to keep an inventory or stock, you don’t have to bill, and you don’t have to ship the products. The only things you have to do is market the products you choose to market, and sell as much as you can. You can do this by starting a website, creating your own blog related to the products you will be selling, and much more. You will also want to create an online list (a newsletter or ezine) to keep people interested in what you are selling and keep them coming back to your website for possible sales.

Information Products –

Information products have become huge on the Internet. These are products that help teach people whatever they want to learn, or whatever you want to teach them. You could sell your information products in the form of DVDs, CDs, or audio tapes. However, ebooks, have become the most popular form of transferring information, as customers can have it almost instantly, once their credit card has been processed. No waiting for the mailman, with information in ebook format, it can be put to work solving the problem your customer is facing, immediately. The biggest selling information products are those that are related to health, losing weight, stopping a bad habit, and making money online, but many other niches are possible. Take a look around the news stand and realize that for every magazine you see on a given subject, a niche market could be developed around that subject on the internet. If people have an interest, you can, with a little imagination, develop information products around that idea.

Network Marketing –

This is also an online business where you can promote quality products and make a great commission on the sales, but you can also make money by getting more and more people to sign up as affiliates to sell the products. One of the best parts of today's network marketing programs is that you no longer have to keep a garage full of products and then try to sell them to everyone you see. The internet has revolutionized network marketing and allows you to build your business not just locally, but nationally and internationally (the company I'm involved with just opened a new market in their Malaysia, and has a presence in eleven other countries, as well as the United States). Network marketing offers long term residual income, as you get a bonus for bring someone onto your team, and then a percentage from every single product they sell too!

Just imagine how much money you can make with any of these easy and affordable ways to start your own online business. Your earnings potentials are nearly limitless! There are thousands of ways you can use any one of these business ideas to get started on your way to making an incredible income online – even when you are sleeping! You will be able to work when you want, where you want, how you want, with who you want, and so much more. You won’t just have the freedom of your work schedule, you will have financial freedom. That is something we all desire to have in life. Financial freedom can rid you of money worries, and help you enjoy life.

Dr. Richard Norris has been creating residual streams of income through network marketing, affiliate programs and the creation of information products for several years. If you are interested in learning more about the best way to get started successfully in affiliate programs, visit or if you are interested in finding out more about network marketing,


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