Affiliate! Until You Marry "Focus" You Will Continue To Be Broke


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Affiliate marketing is not easy simply because you have to do too many things that in large corporation are done by many managers. Just think about it, as an affiliate you have to build and manage your website, set up an auto responder system, run a pay per click campaign, do a marketing research, product review, writing articles, test ads etc. Don't you think this will make your head spin?

Not only that you then get bombarded with millions of other marketers trying to sell you their new discovered technique. They will sell you their new tricks (which in most cases aren’t new at all). Gurus will try to sell you their over priced products with a lot of videos that you won't even have the time to watch. Just think about it.

No wonder many people starting affiliate marketing business fail or just go broke because the game is tough if you don't focus. You have to have the ability to put some blinders to all those promotion that are knocking on your doors every day. Very successful marketers have a specific schedule to answer emails, writing articles, do a market research etc.

You have to set a specific time frame to accomplish your task; otherwise you will drag your projects for years ending up frustrating yourself. Focus on the things you want to do, forget about what the gurus say, forget about how much money they made using their new tricks, just cut that out and focus on what you have planned to do. Two months later those new tricks won't work and there will be new other tricks. So stick to your plans.

Lastly you as an affiliate you have to take action in order to succeed. There is a saying that " action leads to result". If you don't take action you will just look busy, your time will not be effective. I can't stress this enough that you have to stick to your plan and take action immediately to complete your task.

Reading new articles will not help you to get your job done, browsing on the net will not make you money. If possible use the Internet only when you need to, don't get caught up reading some posts on forums, you can’t make money that way. These are the skill you need to learn more than how to build a flashy website.

Since affiliate marketing needs a lot of dedication but you have a very limited time to accomplish your task (and on top of that gurus steal your time by distracting you), focusing on your strategies is the only way to get things done. I suggest taking some time management course or listen to some audiotapes about how to manage your time well. This one secret will help you to use your time wisely.

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