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Here is the truth, and nothing but the real truth about marketing. People never know what they want; they never know the right product either. As a matter of fact no one really know what is the right product. People can only have a perception of what they want. And if you can paint the picture of what they… think … they want, it’s all over baby.

Now there is another thing you want to consider here that people are highly emotional. They buy things purely on emotions rather than logic. This is not a new thing but there is nothing wrong if we can remind ourselves on this.

People buy feelings, never products. The products they buy are used as a media to get the feelings they want. So if you buy a Gucci suit, you don’t buy a suit, you buy a feeling of being a world class.

Now your job is to find those products that promise desired feelings. Note I say desired feelings not scam. Your job as an affiliate is to think of the big picture on the whole business system. Forget about the product you want to promote, forget about the type of promotion you want to use…those will come second.

First you have to think of the ultimate feeling the customer will get when buying a product. Think of yourself as a customer who is frustrated with a specific problem and want a relief.

What feelings will you have once your problem is gone? If you feel good then that is the product to promote, you also have to look at the sales pitch. Does it sell the feeling to the frustrated customer, does it create the picture in customers mind of the desired felling? Only then you can go and sign up for the affiliate program.

It is amazing how powerful this is. I’ve been sold so many times because of the feeling I was hoping to get once I buy a product. Most of those products were not even good but the trust I had to the seller made me think it was worthy

If you didn’t know this you are living money on the table. Relationship products are very profitable… I mean very… (Very)… profitable and you know why… its because of one word Emotion.

The formula for a successful market is, “the higher the frustrated emotions, the higher the profit”. This is the reason why money making sites are dominant because most people can’t really pay their bills and they are so frustrated. But the problem with Internet marketing product is that it is overcrowded. Every one who is able to make at least $4000 a months online, thinks is an expert and writes a book about it.

This is why you need to find other niches that have the most frustrated customers. Why…because they don’t care about the cost or how your site looks like, they just want to get it, now if you can find that market, you will be ahead of the game.

The other thing that you need to take into consideration is the ideas of urgency. What I mean here is those markets that are desperate. If I asked you to buy a ticket for your favorite game next season, chances are for you to give me a second look are slim. But if I’m selling the same ticket for the final game starting in two hours, you won’t care if I sell it ten times as much.

Now what am I talking about here? I’m talking about promoting products about divorce, broken relationships or dating for frustrated men etc, these products sells like a hot cake. And guess what if you want to run an ad on google adwords they don’t cost as much to advertise as the other market (internet marketing) does.

Your job is to look for frustrated market only, don’t care what the market is just go for those who want it “now” and your job is to give ‘em what they want. One more thing here before I go, in my experience most of these visitors if they buy a slightly decent product with a lot of guarantees they don’t even ask for a refund, you know… (Why?)… because they only buy feelings not products. 98% of them never even follow the instruction of the materials in the product but they get the feeling that they now know a new secret. That is all it counts for them.

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