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So what is affiliate marketing you might ask. . . Well, let’s say I have just developed a product or software; (Some digitally-downloadable product) and I am beginning to market this product. The first thing I will attempt to do is get the product approved through This will take care of my payments and refunds not only to myself, but also through my affiliated sales. By affiliated sales I mean sales made by someone other than myself, who is getting paid a commission for selling my product. I get to set my commission rate and let’s say for this example I have set my commissions to 75% (I really want my affiliates to promote this product. )

Every affiliate registered to, who makes a sale of my membership package will receive 75% of the sale as a commission. ($45.97 per sale) Go to and click on sign-up at the top if you are not yet registered- It’s free. Affiliates are rewarded with profits from promoting my package and I receive profits from their sales. (the remaining 25%)

1.1 Making Money with Affiliate Programs (Traditional Style)

Traditionally, an affiliate selects a product from an affiliate program (such as gets his or her affiliate link for sales of that product and then proceeds to send as much traffic to that link as possible. The link takes a regular prospect to the sales page of the product and if the prospect buys, then the origin is tracked by and the affiliate gets credit for the sale.

1. Go to to see all of the products currently being offered by vendors. There you can search for products in either your niche market or any market for that matter.

2. Select Which Product(s) to Promote: This step is very important. You want to benefit from what other affiliates are doing right now and “look before you leap. ” What I’m saying is; You need to know whether the particular product you are interested in promoting in your niche market is really profitable. There are some quick ways to determine this without wasting you money on a failed ad campaign.

First, Use Google’s Toolbar to Determine Page Rank: You need to know what kind of competition you are up against and checking the page rank of the product can inform you of how many links are pointing to it. (PR5 and above can make it difficult for sales through Adwords) Additionally, you may wish to see what has to say about the salespage as well. The point here is to make sure you are not in competition with too many other sites for the keywords of the product. Another way you can investigate the patterns and growth of products in the Clickbank marketplace is by checking out: This will tell you which products are selling and what “trends” they are following.

1.2 Using Google Adwords to Promote

The key to creating successful ads on Google’s Adwords Program is Relevancy. In order to have a high click-through-rate your ads have to be relevant to the keywords you are using.

The normal search engine rankings appear on the left just like any other search engine. The ads on the right hand side are paid ads through Adwords. The thing to pay attention to is the fact that the ads, which are ranking high for the particular keyword contain that keyword. This increases relevance and therefore increases the click-through-rate as well. (PPC mainly determines position of your ad, but relevance will determine click-through rate. ) This is why you shouldn’t have just one ad that you dump a thousand keywords into for a campaign. How are you going to know what keywords were effective and which simply wasted your money?

Post A Google Adwords Ad With Specific Targeting

This may sound difficult, but really all it consists of is the following: Do a search in Google for the main keywords of the product you are planning on affiliating. The keywords should include mainly product specific keywords and phrases. The number one keyword or phrase to include is the product’s Brand Name or Title. This is because not everyone buys right away and when they return to finally purchase (Do a Search through Google) you can take credit for a pre-sold prospect with little to no effort.

Think about it… Anyone who would click on an ad which is specifically targeting that product’s Brand Name or Title has already been to its salespage and is returning to either buy or investigate the product further… Right? This is where you can collect commissions, without having to really work for them.

Watch Ads From Other Affiliates

Before you spend your hard-earned cash, check to make sure that this method is profitable. Do a search for the keyword in question and take note of what ads are currently being posted. Write down the ad and the address displayed within it. (Plus the keyword you searched for i. e., affiliate weapon) Return to Google 5-6 days later and do a search for the same keyword and see if the same ad is still being published their. If you do not see it right off the bat, check the 2nd or 3rd page of Google’s search results.

If the ad still remains posted, then this ad is profitable and so is the keyword. (Few affiliates will continue to run any campaigns which are causing them to lose money. ) Now you know that you will be able to pull sales with this keyword.

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