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Day Job Killer is a downloadable book that shows you how to improve your income through Internet marketing. Look beyond the hype and you will find the book that is full of good advice to help you succeed in making money on the Internet.

Unlike other books of its type Day Job Killer shows you how to sell not just Internet marketing products but absolutely any product over the Internet.

What's in it for me?

If you are new to Internet marketing, or even if you are a seasoned campaigner, Day Job Killer can help you emulate the Internet Marketing Gurus who claim to make a six-figure income on the Internet.

Some of the cunning strategies in Day Job killer can actually help you move ahead of the so-called gurus and beat them at their own game!

In terms of Internet marketing one of the authors, Chris, has spent the relatively short time of a couple of years to build up an enviable marketing success.

In itself this indicates that his strategies, outlined in Day Job Killer, do work, even for a relative newbie.

How does it work?

Most of the advice in Day Job Killer centres around strategies for achieving a high list position in Google Adwords. Don't be put off at this point.

Even if you think that Google Adwords is a way of spending a lot for not much return this book will open your eyes to a new way of maximising your income from a Google Adwords campaign.

If that was all you might think that Day Job Killer was poor value, even at its low introductory price.

But there's more to Day Job Killer than this.

Having outlined ideas for sending targeted customers to your web site or product, this book also outlines the various ways that you can find, or generate, a highly profitable product that fits the Day Job Killer strategy.

Also you are given the tools to research your target market before deciding on a campaign. Of course you could find these free tools yourself, but it shows the depth of Day Job Killer that no stone is left unturned.

If you are prepared to put up your own website then Day Job Killer gives excellent advice, with reference to some real sites that have worked for the authors, about just what to do to ‘convert’ visitors into buyers. The chapter on squeeze pages is particularly good advice.

What will it cost me?

Are we talking about the cost of the book here, or the costs involved in following the strategy? Well, let’s outline both.

The book cost $77 at launch but, by the time you read this, may just have gone up to $97 (discounted on a suggested price of $197 as these things tend to be). At those prices I have to say Day Job Killer is good value – you could spend a lot more than that getting the same advice from an Internet Marketeer’s course.

As for the projected cost of following the strategy outlined in Day Job Killer, it depends how adventurous you are. Day Job Killer allows for two concepts – spend a little and get really sneaky to maximize the potential of your campaign for each visitor you get to your site OR spend a lot but concentrate on hitting a huge conversion rate so the rewards are enormous.

So, yes, you can put in the absolute minimum financial outlay and still get great sales and, as you see your success rate climb, you can become more adventurous and shell out for more expensive, but more rewarding, campaigns.

What if you don’t have a product to sell? Actually you don’t need one as there’s a whole section on how to find and use affiliate products that won’t cost you anything.

What if you don’t want to risk any outlay (other than the cost of the book). There’s even a technique for this in Day Job Killer. You’ll have to do a lot more work, and the rewards will take longer to come, but it’s a method you can see working by the examples given.

Do I need any special skills?

Basically, no. If you are prepared to follow the advice given in Day Job Killer, and read it studiously, then you can hit the Internet Marketing road with no website and no product.

If you’ve never looked at Internet Marketing before, however, then you’re going to need a bit of extra advice. So if you follow the link at the end of this review I’ll show you a way of receiving a companion book which fills in the gaps and explains everything you need to know.

In conclusion

Pluses: Clear advice, most of it based around new thinking on how to manipulate PPC advertising to compete with the successful marketers and beat them at their own game.

Minuses: requires some basic knowledge of Internet Marketing (but see my recommendation by clicking my link),

Rating: Highly recommended.

Visit to see how to get a free companion book and to read a Leaked Chapter from Day Job Killer.

Jonathan Paston views and reviews Internet Marketing books and courses for Highly critical Jonathan takes a no-holds-barred approach on BS. If you can't learn something new from a book then it is not worth having. If the advice is no value then so is the course.


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