To Affiliate Or Not To Affiliate

Dale Mazurek

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For the last 9 years that has been my question. I would join something. Go great guns for a day or two, find problems with the program and then forget it ever existed. Hell there were even a few that I had forgot that I joined and tried joining again. I would get a message something like a user with your name is already a member. You can not join such en such more than once.

Make a million in 6 weeks, make money in your pjs, earn money while you sleep. I’m sure you have heard these and hundreds more. I couldn’t believe it but hey if it was on the internet it had to be true. Ya right. Ill tell you what. Not one program that I joined worked on auto pilot. I never woke up with money in my account or a flood of twenties at my mailbox just because I purchased the product.

Then there’s the so called join for free opportunities. Oh sure you can join for free but if you ever expect to make any money then you should think again. Once you join for free then they try and sell you the silver, gold, platinum, pro or any other hundreds of names they may go by. They tell you about all the benefits of being a paid member and so forth and so forth. I know some of you are going to say I made money with free programs and to be quite honest I have to but only the really seasoned veterans have made serious cash.

Ok so now I am going to get into how I make money on the internet. Plain and simple I do it the old fashion way. I work my butt off. You see my full time job is in the oil patch in Alberta, Canada and let me tell you the jobs don’t come much tougher than the oil patch. I have worked hard for 16 years to get into the position I am in now. I put in lots of long days and made many a sacrifice to make my career successful but I made it and am quite proud of it. So one day I was sitting at my desk in my field office wondering how I could earn money on line and then it came to me. I decided that I would hunt and hunt for the right thing. I would look for something that is out side the box. So believe it or not that took me three months to get that figured out. I read so many emails and advertisements and deleted everyone until I found the one I am currently doing.

The next thing I did was research the product. All in all I only found about 2 percent negative comments and all the rest were positive. Then I thought about it for a couple days. I went back everyday and thought about what I should do. Finally on the third day I purchased the product. I know a whole lot of you are going to say you shouldn’t have to pay to do this. I call bull. I can think of at least a hundred other jobs where you have to put money into your career. Like my present one for example. I have to buy coveralls, safety glasses, hard hats, winter and summer clothing and I could go on and on forever so don’t think you should have to get everything for free. This is no different than other careers. You have to pay money for training and you have to pay for tools. That’s what you’re getting here. Tons of tools and tons of training. Oh ya, its just a one time pay as well. You don’t have to pay a monthly fee or anything like that.

Okay, now I have joined and I am excited. Whoa, stop right there. At least that’s what I did. I took a couple of days to absorb all the tools and information because let me tell you there is lots. Best bang for your buck hands down. Okay the next thing I did was send three emails to the company at different times through the next few days and low and behold I got replies from live people and usually in no more than 2 hours.

Now I made the commitment. No more looking. My search was over and now I was going to concentrate on this program that I chose. So now I am at the stage where I have taken one step at a time and guess what I am now seeing dollar signs with numbers behind them. Will I tell you how much? Absolutely not because that’s my business. I will however tell you that it will be a while before I quit my day job. But I will never disclose my income because I think that leads people on the wrong way.

So let me tell you a little about the program I promote. It is called Profit Lance and I simply wouldn’t do anything else. I won’t tell you a whole lot because at the bottom of this page I will leave some addresses where you can go and have a peek for yourself. What I will tell you though is that it comes with 15 ready to use websites. That’s right, ready to use. The hosting fees are all taken care of. There are no tricks. Everything is black and white.

So in conclusion I guess what I am saying is don’t waste the same nine years I did. Also if you just want a cruise control program then you may as well leave now. You can tell by now that I am not one of these smooth talking salesman but rather just a rigger from Alberta and that will never change. I am also a real person and not an auto responder so I will answer questions that you leave in the comment boxes but please be patient because I'm not in front of my computer 24-7.

Thanks Dale

Dale loves to read and write. he works in the oilpatch in Alberta and is now starting to make money on line.


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