Day Job Killer - Can You Really Afford To Kill Your Day Job?


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Day Job Killer is the new e-book from Chris McNeeny. He broke the Clickbank record 4 months ago for the most books sold in a week with Affiliate Project X. This time he has smashed even that record in the first day, and also managed to totally crash his server! So can this latest effort really allow you to kill your day job?

My attitude has always been, if you are going to learn any new techniques, learn from the best in the business. However, this hasn't prevented me from buying worthless pieces of junk before from well known, so-called ‘gurus’. So what is different about Chris's book Day Job Killer?

Well first of all Chris has proven that he earns in excess of $1 million dollars a year from Clickbank commissions alone. These commissions come from him promoting other Clickbank products as an affiliate, and not his own book sales. And as he has only been working in affiliate marketing for just over a year, I knew he must be doing something right. So as I tentatively got the credit card out to buy Day Job Killer, I got the usual sick feeling in my stomach when you once again assault the credit card, knowing you really shouldn't be shelling out any extra cash.

I felt even more ill when I opened the eBook to find it had only less than 70 pages. But my fears were soon dispelled. He starts fleshing out the meat on the bones within the first couple of pages. No fluff or filler in this volume, as Chris says “Time is Money", so no time wasting. . . . . . just killer tactics as used by the worlds top affiliates.

When you become a ‘super affiliate yourself, you get to know and mingle with the world's top affiliate marketers. Chris is no different here and for the past 12 months he has been probing them for the exact methods they use day-in and day-out. There will be some so-called ‘gurus’ crying in their coffee after reading this newest instalment from Chris, as he has divulged many of these affiliates’ closely guarded secrets in a step-by-step manner for you to emulate and start earning money online.

But a word of caution. Don't jump straight into affiliate marketing after a quick scan of the e-book. This is a product that you won't want lying around gathering dust. You should really re-read the material at least a couple of times to let the techniques and tactics really sink in before you put them into practice, otherwise there is a chance you could lose money.

Although Chris talks about Clickbank quite a lot because of the large percentage affiliate commissions available there, I would recommend you read Day Job Killer with an open mind. As even aside from Clickbank, there exists a virtually unlimited number of affiliate products that these techniques will work with. There are many other and even more lethal tactics within these pages.

Chris has given many of his techniques fancy names! Some of these are as follows:

Direct Linking X The Leveller: - How To Rob A Guru. Campaign Nuking The Under cutter

The synopsis of these methods is that Chris blows out of the water some of the myths that surround using Google Adwords for affiliate marketing. How he can manoeuvre Google Adwords ad onto the first page of results and pay less than other advertisers even below you. Sheer brilliance!

Michelle Baskin views and reviews internet marketing strategies. Michelle doesn't beat about the bush in her approach. Internet marketing isn't easy, and there are a lot of false hopes waiting to trip you up in your journey. Find out more about Day Job Killer on her blog.


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