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STOP - Don't Rush To Buy That Affiliate Business Opportunity or Making Money Online Program

Patrick Ubuane

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Are you looking to make a decent living online? Really I strongly believe it’s a great decision that will certainly lead you to a fulfilling financial future. On this note I say a BIG congratulation – but only if you’re truly ready and committed to work hard.

Without doubt, the internet offers myriad of opportunities for YOU to say a final goodbye to your day-job within a year or less of starting out. On a daily basis, range of opportunities are been pumped out such that the financial playing fields have been leveled between the so-called small guys and heavy weights. In fact, it is no news that the ordinary guys are now making 6-figures and millionaires are being churned out from the internet marketing mills, from time to time!

Affiliate program is one of the most popular money making programs online. Yes, plying your trade via the affiliate program is a proven way that will lead you to the banking districts with huge checks. Can you now imagine why I am happy for you? But I must admit, rather, cautiously that you don’t deserve to be congratulated yet, because there is a serious danger in your decision. Now before you accuse me of being contradictory, let me do you a big favor by letting the cat out of the bag…

Crooks are on the prowl feasting fat on innocent ONLINE opportunity seekers like you. In other words, for the fact that it’s possible to make solid money via affiliate program, some persons with shady mindsets always lurk around the internet corridors like deadly boa lying in wait to sting its victims to death!

And unfortunately, they’re winning! So this informs the major reason you’re reading this article: to warn you of ugly monsters. And to show you how to steer clear and possibly point you to proven affiliate programs guarantee to help you succeed online without breaking your heart.

How to identify ugly programs

1. Too good to be true. Online business is not meant for the lazy people. There is no overnight riches online, so do not believe those promises weaved around overnight wealth. They know you need money so they’re employing your financial needs to psychologically win you over. Don’t get deceived by testimonials spewing lies: “I was a greenhorn before I bought your programs …but to my heavenly surprise, just 3 DAYS of typing few keys for an hour, I made over $400…”

Without doubt, there is no way such claim can be true other than to deceive you into opening your wallet. Anyway, if that was actually true even the monkey would be making millions of dollars; stopped living in the bush, stop eating fruits and banana and relocate to the White House or 10 Downing Street!

2. Pictures of clickbank and pay checks. Few years ago some genuine persons actually used pictures of checks to convince their potential customers. And it was done decently too. However, it has been practically hijacked by fraudsters. I can confidently tell you that most affiliate checks are framed up – simply the works of brilliant graphic artists!

3. Carry out research on major search engine. If the program is at least 6 months old (or the parent company is) then go to google to find out more about its legitimacy. For example, let’s assume the name of the affiliate program is “Become Rich Affiliate 24 hours. ” Simply type this on google: “Become Rich Affiliate 24 hours scam” or “Become Rich Affiliate 24 hours and scam” or “Become Rich Affiliate 24 hours + scam” or “Become Rich Affiliate 24 hours review”

However, be careful with this assignment. Some smart guys are now employing agents to submit articles supporting dud programs. So if you have doubt, then type in “Customers reviews Become Rich Affiliate 24 hours scam” or “Customers reviews Become Rich Affiliate 24 hours”

And if you still doubt quickly head straight to big forums and ask. Use catchy titles like: “Can You Recommend Become Rich Affiliate 24 Hours?” or “Is Become Rich Affiliate 24 Hours Good For An Affiliate To Join?” or “I Need Your Undiluted Comments About This Affiliate - Become Rich Affiliate 24 Hours?”

Some highly regarded forums are:

4. Who is the owner or owners? Do they put their teeth behind the program or using proxy or fictitious names? It is imperative that you find out. If in doubt (and it’s good to be in doubt) take the name to google and repeat the same process above. If not sure, again, visit major forums and ask about the name(s) and program.

I am sure if you follow the above 4 steps I’ve outlined for you here, you will save yourself a lot of headache. I was not that lucky, so please learn from my own mistakes. And to be frank with you, I discovered the wisdom I am sharing with you today after I was cheated, paid for programs I thought were God-sent only to discover that they can not even make a 2 years to smile.

Before I discovered the life-changing online affiliate program that eventually show me how to make genuine money online, I lost money, wasted time and experienced dashed hope.

Patrick Ubuane operates an independent affiliate resources filled with undiluted tips, ideas and strategies for success online: Also learn from his top affiliate program reviews and recommendation here:


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